Samsung Phones Prices In South Africa

What are Samsung Phones?

Samsung is a series of computing and mobile computing devices that are designed, manufactured, and marketed by Samsung Electronics.

Samsung Phones Prices In South Africa

Samsung Galaxy A03 Core Dual SIM (Green)

R 1,649.00

Samsung Galaxy A01 (Black)

R 1,699.00

Samsung Galaxy A12 Dual SIM (Black)

R 3,499.00

Which is the best Samsung phone to buy?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the Android flagship to beat right now. With crazy fast performance, a positively fantastic 1440p,

120Hz display, and a Note-style built-in S Pen stylus, it’s got every bell and whistle you could ask for in a phone that doesn’t fold in half.

Are Samsung phones good quality?

If that sounds like high praise, it is. Many of Samsung’s Galaxy lines have not only made our best Android phones but some,

specifically, the S-series models, rank among the best smartphones, Android or otherwise.

Is the Samsung phone last long?

The lifetime of smartphones like Samsung is much longer than smaller brands.

Here is a breakdown of the average mobile life according to the different brands: Samsung – three to six years.