Scania Bus Prices In South Africa

What is Scania Bus?

Scania Bus Prices In South Africa?

ZAR 1,995,000.00


How much fuel can a Scania hold?

The fuel tanks are available in sizes from 400 – 1100 liters providing a driving range of up to 1700 km.

How many seaters is a Scania bus?

Capacity Typical seat options: 10.95m 37 seats 12.05m 41 seats 12.75m 45 seats 15m 53 seats All versions plus 2 jumbo and 2 tip-up seats (or 1 wheelchair).

Why is Scania so popular?

Because it is one of the Queens of the road. Scania has been around since 1912. (Peterbilt-1939) They build not only trucks but also busses, diesel engines, and other products.

In the ETS2 world, Scania is so popular because it has the most different versions, Scania R, Scania RJL, and Scania T, among others.