Scania Trucks Prices In South Africa

What is Scania Trucks?

Scania is a major manufacturer, focusing on commercial vehicles specifically heavy lorries, trucks, and buses. 


Scania Trucks Prices In South Africa?

Price: ZAR R1 092 500

Is Scania the best truck?

Scania also proved to be the fastest truck in every comparative situation, including initial acceleration, motorway cruising and driving uphill.

The Scania new generation truck excelled in the categories of the cab, driveline and performance, fuel consumption, and cost and payload.

How many gears does a Scania truck have?

Scania Opticruise general features • Driver interface with all functions for gear changing and retarder control integrated into the right-hand steering wheel lever.

Available in 8, 12, and 12+2 speed versions, the latter also with overdrive.

What is the fuel consumption of Scania trucks?

“It’s about six liters every 100 kilometers, and some weeks there has been an even bigger difference between our Scania R 490 and this one.

The 490 has been at around 38 to 40 liters and this one has been fairly constant lately at 32 to 33 liters.