Selborne College

On the 8th November 1924, Sir Frederick de Waal, then Administrator of the Cape Province, unveiled the magnificent War Memorial which stands in front of the school. At the conclusion of this moving service of Dedication, Sir Frederick turned to Charles Prior, Head Boy of the College, and handed him a large silver key. “You are to look after the monument and this consecrated ground on which we now stand”, he told Prior. “You have in keeping the memory of many men who made the supreme sacrifice.


Courses Offered At Selborne College

Grade 8 and Grade 9


Afrikaans or IsiXhosa


Natural Sciences (Physical Science and Life Science) (NS)

Social Sciences (History and Geography) (SS)

Life Orientation (LO)

Economic Management Science (EMS)


Creative Arts

Computers (Grade 8 Only)

Gym and Sport Lessons

Grade 10

In each students Grade 9 year, they must decide on what subjects they will do from Grade 10 through to Grade 12. Everyone will have to do English (Home Language) as the language of instruction and Life Orientation. A choice of the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh subjects are made by choosing ONE from each of the FIVE groupings below:

First Set:                    IsiXhosa (additional language) or Afrikaans (additional language)

Second Set:                Mathematical Literacy or Mathematics

Third Set:                   Physical Sciences or Geography or Computer Applications Technology

Fourth Set:                 Life Sciences or History or Geography or Information Technology

Fifth Set:                     Accounting or Engineering Graphics and Design or Life Sciences or Business Studies or Music

Please Note:              Music or Visual Art may be taken in 3rd, 4th or 5th set.

s                                       Physical Science and Accounting may only be taken if doing Mathematics.

Selborne College Admission

We regret that all grades are currently fully subscribed.

Should you have any queries, please e-mail Mrs Madalaine Hodgkinson on

Admission Requirements Selborne College

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Stationary Lists

Grade 8 Stationary List

Grade 9 Stationary List

Grade 10 Stationary List

Grade 11 Stationary List

Grade 12 Stationary List

School Uniform Requirements

School Uniform Requirements

Letter from the Bookroom

Letter from Bookroom – Grade 9 to 12

Letter from Bookroom – Grade 8

Text Book Lists 2020:

Text Book Requirements – Grade 8 to Grade 12

School Fees Structure

The School’s budget was presented and approved by a meeting of parents.

The compulsory school fees for the 2019 academic year are R38 500.00. Options of payment are:

a) Termly payments in advance at the start of each term as follows:

Term 1 – R10 500.00, Term 2 – R10 500.00, Term 3 – R10 500.00 and Term 4 – R7 000.00.

b) Eleven monthly payments of R3 500.00 per month, payable by no later than the last day of each month from January to November (A total of R 38 500.00 per annum).

Click to access a letter from the Chairman of the Governing Body relating to fees

School fees will escalate depending on budget requirements and the approval of parents at a special meeting.

Annual Hostel fees for will be R44 000.00.

Options of payment are:

a) A once off discounted annual payment of R42 000.00, which must be paid in full by 31 January.

b) Termly payments of R11 000.00 in advance on or before the first day of each term.

c) Eleven monthly payments of R4 000.00 per month, with proof of payment provided.

Hostel fees will escalate depending on budget requirements and the approval of parents at a special meeting.