Top Puma Sneakers Shops In South Africa

Top Puma Sneakers Shops In South Africa

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Founded in 1924 under a different name, Puma only became Puma in 1948 when the two founding brothers split and one formed Puma and the other a different sportswear brand. The sports apparel and accessories brand has become one of the biggest sports brands in the world. Not only is the brand popular in the sports realm, but it has reached far beyond street fashion and popular culture.


Zando offers a wide assortment of Puma online for men, women, and kids. Ranging from graphic tees to shorts, joggers, jackets, sweaters, and other apparel, whether you’re working out or just relaxing, you can be decked out in the best. Zando also offers an assortment of Puma shoes for ladies, men, and children.

The shoes range from running shoes to fashion sneakers, so whether you’re going to the gym, jogging, or just want a pair of cool sneakers, the selection has something for everyone! Zando has the biggest Puma store in South Africa, and at the click of a button, you can add the famous brand to your wardrobe!

Is PUMA made in South Africa?

The people over here in Mzansi are very fond of the Puma brand and buy its products a lot. Its head office in South Africa is located in the country’s capital.

Here is where the footwear is also manufactured and from thence supplied to the various stores in the country. The Western Cape City of Milnerton has a factory.

Who owns PUMA South Africa?


Puma Energy

Number of employees4,700