Tshwane University of Technology ( TUT) Residence

Tshwane University of Technology ( TUT) Residence

Mabela Residence


The Directorate of Accommodation, Residence Life & Catering strive to create a high-quality residence environment, to:


  • Promote a positive culture of learning and critical thinking in the residence.
  • Create a common ground of enriching culture and a social environment in which diversity is respected and celebrated.
  • Overcome the legacy of discrimination through access equity.
  • Oppose any discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, nationality, sexual or religious orientation.
  • Encourage and promote an ethos of mutual respect between staff and residents regarding their respective needs, duties and responsibilities.
  • Decent, impartial, fair and reasonable treatment of residents.

The Directorate also commits to:

  • Personal and affordable service and provide opportunities for individual growth within a comfortable and clean environment and caring community.
  • Provide a safe environment in each residence as far as possible.
  • Provide adequate resource and support for resident development and resident leadership in the residence.
  • Promote an effective working relationship and communication with all internal and external customers.
  • Evaluate and carry out an audit of all operation and functions regarding residence accommodation.
  • Being customer-satisfaction driven.
  • Enhance communication of all residence related development and challenges through all media, which is available at the disposal of Directorate.

Mebala was the first residence at a TUT distance campus and can accommodate 124 students. This neat residence is conveniently close to the Mbombela Campus. It offers various activities and opportunities to meet the needs of its residents. This residence has single and double rooms, an I-centre with full internet connections on 21 computers, a beautiful lapa for recreation activities, study hall, dining hall, and laundry facilities. We also have student leaders Residence Committee that deals with issues pertaining to the residence and mentors that help students academically.

Mebala residence motto is “Home for knowledge enrichment”

Millicent Nomgqibelo Msibi
Res Advisor : Mebala Residence
Mbombela Campus
Tel/Fax : +2713 752 3215
E-mail : yendemn@tut.ac.za

Name of Residence

Residence Type


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Skierlik and Gaetsho Female Residences Ga-Rankuwa Campus
SOS 1 and 3 Residences Female Residences Soshanguve Campus
Monitor Residence Male Residences Pretoria Campus
Legae Residence Male Residences Ga-Rankuwa Campus
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SOS 5, CTT, TCE1 and 2 Student Town, Telkom Mixed Residences Soshanguve Campus


Soshanguve 012 382 9500 resadmins@tut.ac.za
Ga-Rankuwa 012 382 0564 resadming@tut.ac.za
Pretoria 012 382 5514 resadminp@tut.ac.za