UNISA College of Human Sciences

UNISA College of Human Sciences

About UNISA College of Human Sciences

The College of Human Sciences offers high-quality general academic and career-focused distance education tuition in the arts, humanities, social sciences, religion and theology. Offerings in the School of Arts, School of Humanities and School of Social Sciences include internationally recognised undergraduate degrees and diplomas, honours, and master’s degrees through coursework and research, and doctoral programmes.

Through its centres, institutes and units, the College also offers a wide variety of skills-based Short Learning Programmes that will suit your vocational or self-actualisation needs for lifelong learning.

Vision of the College

Our vision, aligned to that of the university, is to become the African college of excellence in the social and human sciences by making a continuous and positive contribution in the service of humanity.

We strive for excellence in teaching and learning, research and community engagement that together make a positive difference in the lives of the individuals and communities we serve.

Mission of the College

The College of Human Sciences is a people–centred community of learning and practice committed to fostering a culture of learning, teaching, research and service with the intent of helping individuals and communities improve the quality of their lives.

We seek to realise an Africanised provision of excellence in teaching and learning, research, community engagement and academic citizenship, focused

  • in our teaching and learning endeavours on open distance learning, accessibility, e-learning and learner-centredness,
  • in our research on multi-inter- and transdisciplinary engagement, reflexive practice and collaborative practice, and
  • in our community engagement and academic citizenship on promoting shared ethical and professional.

Slogan of the College

Together we can make a difference.

Formal qualifications

Formal qualifications refer to those qualifications that are subsidised by the Department of Higher Education and Training, and therefore offered under the DHET policies and legislation. The following formal qualifications are offered by the college:

Qualification information for everyone planning to start a new qualification:

Qualification information for successful applicants and re-registering students:

The qualification information for the 2017 registration is not yet available.

Short Learning Programmes (non-formal qualifications)

Short Learning Programmes offered by Unisa focus on “just in time” and “just enough” learning to meet a specific learning need identified by society. This need can focus on enabling access to other Short Learning Programmes or to improve access to the study of formal qualifications at Unisa, or it can address a specific need in the workplace.

Short Learning Programmes can update or broaden skills and knowledge in a specific area to enable life-long learning. In this manner, Short Learning Programmes assist students with their continuing professional development by upgrading their skills and knowledge in newly developed areas or by sharing the results of research.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

During your lifetime, you will have acquired various skills, competencies and experiences. This learning – which may have taken place outside of formal education and training – is valuable regardless of where or when it was obtained. You may have acquired skills or knowledge from a combination of training conducted while at work, experience you gained in the workplace, short courses or from community work in a relevant field.

RPL permits you to gain credits within formal certificate, diploma and degree qualifications offered by Unisa based on the level and extent of your knowledge. Your prior learning will be measured against specified prescribed learning outcomes.


  • Undergraduate and general enquiries: CHS@unisa.ac.za
  • Postgraduate enquiries: MandD@unisa.ac.za
College of Human Sciences
Executive DeanProf AP Phillips012 429 6825phillap@unisa.ac.za
Deputy Executive DeanDr BE Zawada012 429 6082zawadbe@unisa.ac.za
Director: School of ArtsProf MK Minishi-Majanja

Dr NP Mpako (Acting)

012 429 6532majanmk@unisa.ac.za


Director: School of HumanitiesProf RS Tshaka (Acting)012 429 8402tshakrs@unisa.ac.za
Director: School of Social SciencesProf L Cornwell012 429 8080cornwl@unisa.ac.za
Head: Office of Graduate Studies and ResearchProf PJ Segalo012 429 8292Segalpj@unisa.ac.za
College AdministratorDr JA Oppperman012429 6558opperja@unisa.ac.za
Administrator: ResearchMs E Blos012 429 4567blose@unisa.ac.za
Manager: Research and Graduate StudiesProf MPJSB Madise012 429 6047madismjs@unisa.ac.za
Administrator: Research and Graduate StudiesMs TB Baloyi012 429 6491baloytb@unisa.ac.za
Manager: Tuition, Learner Support and Community EngagementProf CK Moropa (Acting)012 429 3377moropck@unisa.ac.za

Ms AL Maluleka012 429 6304malulal@unisa.ac.za
Ms E Ndhundhuma012 429 2736ndhunem@unisa.ac.za
Mr K Sephesu012 429 8028sephek@unisa.ac.za
College Tutor CoordinatorMs W Mokgupi012 429 6088mokguwk@unisa.ac.za
Academic Support Coordinator: School of ArtsMr Edgar Mbuthuma012 429 2467mbuthme1@unisa.ac.za
Ms Anastacia Mukwevho012 429 6593mukwea@unisa.ac.za
Ms Lise Leeuwner012 429 6046vdmerlj1@unisa.ac.za
Academic Support Coordinator: School of HumanitiesMr Charles Twala012 429 2374twalact@unisa.ac.za
Academic Support Coordinator: School of Social SciencesMs Nomvula Nemaxwi012 429 8085nemaxnj@unisa.ac.za
Ms Precious Sindane012 429 3295sindapb@unisa.ac.za
Student AdvisorsMs M RubidgeCHS@unisa.ac.za
Ms D MbengwaneCHS@unisa.ac.za
Mr G MathebeCHS@unisa.ac.za
Human ResourcesMs S Janssen012 429 8889jansss@unisa.ac.za
Mr I Raulinga012 429 6726raulii@unisa.ac.za
Communication and MarketingMrs KR Naidu-Hoffmeester012 429 6413naiduk@unisa.ac.za
Mr Z Nkosinkulu012 429 6275nkosiz1@unisa.ac.za
School of ArtsChair of Department
African LanguagesProf P Phaahla012 429 8284pphaahla@unisa.ac.za
Afrikaans and Theory of LiteratureProf M Keuris012 429 6319keurim@unisa.ac.za
Art History, Visual Arts and MusicologyDr NP Mpako

Prof. BMR Van Haute (Acting)

012 441 6391mpakonp@unisa.ac.za


Communication ScienceProf BT Mbatha012 429 8264mbathbt@unisa.ac.za
English StudiesProf MMK Lephalala012 429 6396lephammk@unisa.ac.za
Information ScienceProf L Dube012 429 6070dubel@unisa.ac.za
Linguistics and Modern LanguagesProf MN Ngcobo012 429 6310ngcobmn@unisa.ac.za
School of HumanitiesChair of Department
Anthropology and ArchaeologyDr IE Marais012 429 6788maraiie@unisa.ac.za
Biblical and Ancient StudiesProf EB Farisani012 429 4410fariseb@unisa.ac.za
Christian Spirituality, Church History and MissiologyDr ZJ Banda012 429 4377bandazj@unisa.ac.za
HistoryProf RS Viljoen012 429 6730viljors@unisa.ac.za
Philosophy, Practical and Systematic TheologyProf E Baloyi (Acting)012 429 4053baloye@unisa.ac.za
Religious Studies and ArabicProf IE Jaffer012 429 6768jaffeie@unisa.ac.za
School of Social SciencesChair of Department
Development StudiesProf GE du Plessis (Acting)012 429 6507Dplesge@unisa.ac.za
Health StudiesProf MM Moleki012 429 6369Molekmm@unisa.ac.za
Political SciencesDr Thabisi Hoeane012 429 6858hoeant@unisa.ac.za
PsychologyDr M Mojapelo-Batka012 429 8240mojape@unisa.ac.za
Social WorkDr MP Sesoko012 429 3507sesokmp@unisa.ac.za
SociologyDr CG Thomas012 429 6560thomacg@unisa.ac.za
Institutes & Chairs
Institute for Gender Studies (IGS)Prof DC Byrne012 429 4870byrnedc@unisa.ac.za
Research Institute for Theology and Religion (RITR)Prof CW du Toit012 429 4870dtoitcw@unisa.ac.za
WIPHOLD-Brigalia Bam Chair in Electoral Democracy in AfricaProf KJ Maphunye012 429 4933maphukj@unisa.ac.za
Anthropology and Archeology MuseumFrancois Coetzee (Curator)012 429 6297coetzfp@unisa.ac.za
African Languages Literary Information MuseumMs H Celliers (Administrator)012 429 8200cellia@unisa.ac.za
Unisa Art GalleryBongani Mkhonza (Curator)012 441 5681mkhonbw@unisa.ac.za