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University of the Free State (UFS) Residence


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At the University of the Free State it is important that our postgraduate students are integrated not only academically, but also socially. We urge you to immerse yourself in the beat and rhythm of campus life and make use of the accommodation offered specifically for postgraduate students. Student accommodation can be a life-changing experience that will create memories you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

The Department of Housing and Residence Affairs offers a variety of accommodation categories, including residences, student flats, student rooms and residential units.

Housing and Residence Affairs strives throughout to make provision for the diverse needs of postgraduate students, and therefore work together as a team towards fulfilling those needs.

Student flats

  • 8 x 1-bedroom flats, with own kitchen, bathroom, and lounge (Only SK2D does not have a lounge)
  • 3 x 2-bedroom flats, with kitchen, bathroom, and lounge (please note that communal areas are shared)
  • 4 x 3-bedroom flats, with kitchen, bathroom, and lounge (please note that communal areas are shared)
  • The 2- and 3-bedroom flats can be rented out per room
  • Bedding is available on request
  • Communal areas are cleaned twice a week.
  • A stove and fridge is available in the kitchens
  • Rates are calculated per room per month

Student rooms

  • 2 x small single rooms
  • 6 x medium single rooms
  • 8 x large single rooms
  • 23 x extra-large single rooms
  • 10 x other types of rooms
  • All bathrooms and kitchens are shared, with the exception of 2 rooms
  • Only 4 of these rooms have lounges available
  • Bedding is available on request
  • Communal areas are cleaned twice a week
  • Rental fridges available
  • Rates calculated per room per month

President Steyn units

  • Description:  Keywords: 28 Pres Steyn Annex 17 x small single rooms
  • 22 x medium single rooms
  • 17 x large single rooms
  • 2 x paraplegic single rooms
  • 15 x double rooms (sharing)
  • 2 x paraplegic double rooms (sharing)
  • All rooms have their own kitchenette and bathroom
  • Communal laundry room
  • Bedding is available on request
  • Rooms are cleaned once a week
  • Rental fridges available
  • No crockery or cutlery in rooms
  • Rates calculated per room or per person per month

Kovsie Inn

Ilze Nikolova
T: +27 51 401 9689
E: Hein Badenhorst
T: +27 51 401 2602

City Residences

A city residence is a residence that is not a building, but consists of residents who live off campus in private homes, student houses, townhouses, flats, rooms, etc. The students who are members of the city residences must arrange their own accommodation in the city and off-campus.

These students who live in the city are free to decide whether they want to join one of the city residences. Each city residence has a gazellie (or a large lounge with a kitchen and bathroom) on the campus where the “residents” get together to hold residence meetings, to study or just to socialise. The gazellie provides the city students with a place where they can get together, since they are widely distributed all over the city.

.The purpose of a city residence is to also give the students who cannot live in a residence on the campus, the chance to participate in organised student activities. It is of great importance to the University to also give these students the opportunity to develop as total or balanced persons – through participation in academic and non-academic activities

As in the case of campus residences, a Residence Head and Residence Committee are in charge of each city residence. These persons are responsible for managing the city residences and seeing to it that all activities that are offered, take place within the rules of the University.

Within the city residences, students can participate in all activities also offered by campus residences. As in the campus residences, each Residence Committee member has a portfolio (e.g. Prime, Culture, Academics, Sport, Rag, First-years, Finance, etc.), and is responsible for arranging activities within that specific portfolio. The city residences also compete against the campus residences in the different activities.

Membership of and Participation in a City Residence

All registered students who do not live in one of the University’s residences, senior residences, student flats or rooms, are automatically members of a city residence. Participation takes place by means of association and dissociation – the city student therefore has a free choice to join one of the city residences (except in the case of students registered in the Faculty of Health Sciences, who must join Imperium).

The first opportunity for participation in or introduction to the chosen city residence takes place on the Saturday afternoon after the official welcoming of new freshmen students and their parents.

Different City Residences

The city students have the choice of joining one of seven city residences, namely: