University of Cape Town Master of Arts in Neuro-Psychology

University of Cape Town Master of Arts in Neuro-Psychology

Program Requirements

1. An overall average mark of 70% for a Psychology Honours program.


2. A minimum of 70% for Neuro-Psychology (or equivalent) at Honours level.

Selection into this program is highly competitive, as we get many more applicants than we can accommodate.  There are only 6 places available each year.  When making the selection we take into consideration academic record (especially at Honours level, but also overall; and appropriate academic background in Neuropsychology and cognate areas), personal suitability for clinical work, and a letter of motivation.  We also conform to UCT policy on equity.

Please note that the research dissertation comprises a substantial proportion (50%) of the degree mark, so appropriate training in Psychological research is also necessary.

Please note that a Psychology Honours degree from UCT is not a requirement.

Also note that the Psychology Honours program at UCT is a single course that includes all content modules and a research component.  It is not possible to register for the Honours Neuro-Psychology module on its own.  Selection into the UCT Honours program is also competitive.

Application Procedure

1.  Make an online application for study through the central UCT admissions office by no later than 31 October.

2.  Complete and submit this application form to the department by no later than 31 October.

3.  Submit a motivational letter with your application.

4. To apply for funding, please see the Postgraduate Funding Office.

See more in the Faculty of Humanities Postgraduate Handbook.

Important Notice

Repeated applications have been made to the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) for registration of Neuro-Psychologists.  This new category of professional psychologist was created in 2011 and our MA in Neuro-Psychology was accredited in 2011 by the HPCSA as a qualification leading to registration in this category.  To date, however, the HPCSA has yet to register any one of our graduates, or any other Neuro-Psychologist.  While UCT continues to pursue registration on behalf of our graduates, and is currently pursuing several avenues to rectify this situation, the situation is ultimately not under the university’s control.  We therefore cannot guarantee that completing our MA in Neuro-Psychology will lead to timeous professional registration; without professional registration, our graduates cannot practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am doing Course X at University Y but have not completed Neuro-Psychology at Honours level.  Is my course equivalent?

A: Some Honours level courses that cover brain and behaviour, physiological psychology, or human neuroscience topics may be considered equivalent to Neuro-Psychology at Honours level.  This depends on the particular course’s content and the level at which the course is taught.  Decisions regarding such courses will be made during the application and selection process each year. Please provide details in your letter of application.

Q: How is clinical suitability determined?

A: We use information from various parts of the full application and we interview short-listed candidates.

Q: Is it possible to do the course part-time?

A:  This is a full-time clinical training program.  It is not possible to take it on a part-time basis.

For any additional queries please contact Rosalind Adams. Her contact details can be found here.