Vaal University of Technology Fees and Funding

Vaal University of Technology Fees and Funding



N.B The costs indicated are estimates and are for guideline purposes only. Student can obtain the actual fees from their statement of accounts upon registration.

Students must take note of the increased fees and International Students note that they will be paying 100% Upfront including Residences?



1.1 The Vaal University of Technology (VUT) reserves the right to alter fees, without giving prior notice, during the course of the academic year.

1.2 All fees are payable in full, irrespective of whether the academic programme is interrupted by factors beyond the VUT’s control, e.g. strikes, student boycotts, civil unrest, or other disruptions on campus.

1.3 The student’s liability is not affected nor reduced through ignorance on the part of the student (or his/her principle) regarding the rules and regulations of the VUT or of the invalidity of his/her registration in terms of the said rules and regulations.

1.4 No post-dated or unguaranteed cheques will be accepted for payment of fees.

1.5 No cheque presented with an alteration will be accepted by the University.

1.6 Students who have outstanding balance from the previous year, or who have not made the required initial payment for the current year by due date; will not be permitted to register until the total amount required has been paid in full.

1.7 Students who are indebted in any way to the University at the end of a semester/year their timetable will not be distributed for examination purposes and have their examination results withheld, together with their degree or diploma as applicable.

1.8 By signing and submitting the registration form the student accepts responsibility for the payment of all subscribed fees (irrespective of whether a mailed account is not received by the student). Statements of accounts are dispatched quarterly from March. It is the responsibility of students to make enquiries should he/she not receive a statement of account.
1.9 Please note that the residence fee quoted applies only to the academic period and does not include June and December vacation. Students who cannot vacate their rooms on the last day of the academic calendar must make necessary arrangement with Residence Management.

1.10 Interest will be charged on overdue accounts at 80% of the prevailing bank prime rate on the balance as at 31 October.

1.11 Students are urged to acquaint themselves with the requirements governing withdrawal from the University and/or Residence, per this booklet.

1.12 Note that no payments will be made to students if their fees account is outstanding.

1.13 Accounts are sent to the address provided by the student/guardian for account purposes. It is the responsibility of the student to forward such accounts to the person/party responsible for payment thereof if not him/herself.

1.14 Should a student not attend lectures and neglect to give written notice of cancellation within the stipulated cancellation periods, such a student will be held liable for payment of all tuition fees and/or residence fees for the full study period.

1.15 Outstanding accounts will be forwarded to the VUT’s external collection agents.

1.16 Addresses

As required by law, the VUT must be notified in writing within 14 days of any address changes and students should specifically indicate to which addresses the changes apply, e.g. the postal and/or account and/or study and/or next of kin addresses.

Correspondence sent by the VUT will be deemed received by the addressee. The VUT does not accept responsibility for incorrect addresses resulting in non-delivery of a mailed account. It is the responsibility of the student to make enquiries should he/she not receive an account.


  • Liability: All registered students shall be liable for the prescribed fees for the relevant period and are subject to the conditions as specified in the application form.
  • Fees are charged per semester and year programs (Please refer to items 2.1 and 2.2 for more clarity).
  • Charges relating to the provision of additional text material e.g. supplementary notes; laboratory fees; field trips where applicable will be raised separately; etc.

Details of the charges for each module, as well as supplementary charges, may be obtained from the offices of the various faculties, Finance and Student Administration.

IMPORTANT: Please read next paragraph carefully

Download student guide

The fees listed below are for guideline purposes only. They indicate the ESTIMATED amounts payable by students who are registered for the normal academic load on a full@time basis. The actual fees raised will vary depending on the specific modules taken as per STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT.


2.1.1 Semester Courses:

Faculty of Applied and Computer Sciences Amount (6 Months)
Analytical Chemistry R 12,680
Non-Destructive Testing R 12,680
Information Technology R 14,060
Faculty of Applied and Computer Sciences Amount (6 Months)
Analytical Chemistry R 12,680
Non-Destructive Testing R 12,680
Information Technology R 14,060
Chemical Engineering R 12,680
Process Instrumentation R 13,950
Power Engineering R 13,950
Electronic Engineering R 13,950
Civil Engineering R 14,150
Industrial Engineering R 14,150
Mechanical Engineering R 14,150
Metallurgical Engineering R 14,120
Operations Management R 13,990
Engineering: Computer Systems R 14,150

Extended Diplomas:

Extended Diplomas Semester 1 Semester 2
Extended Engineering Diplomas R 8,640 R 12,960
Extended Information Technology Diploma R 8,640 R 12,960

2.1.2 Year Courses:

Faculty of Applied and Computer Sciences Amount (Year)
Biomedical Technology R 23,380
Biotechnology R 22,940
Office Management and Technology (2012 last intake) R 14,490
Faculty of Human Sciences Amount (Year)
Labour Law R 17,770
Fine Art R 22,070
Graphic Design R 22,880
Photography R 27,970
Hospitality Management R 18,930
Ecotourism Management R 21,570
Fashion R 21,900
Public Relations Management R 17,770
Tourism Management R 17,770
Safety Management (Day and Evening Classes – 18:00-22:00) R 12,680
Policing R 12,680
Legal Assistance R 17,770
Faculty of Management Sciences Amount (Year)
Cost & Management Accounting (3rd Year Level) R 17,770
Internal Auditing (3rd Year Level) R 17,770
Financial Information Systems R 20,390
Logistics Management R 17,070
Human Resources Management R 15,450
Marketing R 17,120
Retail Business Management R 17,120
Sport Management R 14,490

Extended Diplomas:

Extended Diplomas Semester 1 Semester 2
Cost & Management Accounting, Financial Information Systems & Internal Auditing R 8,640 R 12,960
Extended Diplomas (Group 1) Semester 1 Semester 2
Fashion, Fine Art, Graphic Design & Photography R 8,860 R 13,284
Extended Diplomas (Group 2) Semester 1 Semester 2
Labour Law, Legal Assistance, Safety Management & Policing R 8,640 R 12,960
Extended Diplomas (Group 3) Semester 1 Semester 2
Ecotourism Management, Hospitality Management, Public
Relations Management & Tourism Management
R 8,000 R 12,960

2.1.3 Post Graduates:

Degree Amount (Year)
Masters R 16,470
Doctorates R 21,960

NB. The above costs EXCLUDE Residence, Registration, Laboratory Fees, Levies and (Sundry Services See 2.3).

Please note that the residence fee quoted applies only to the academic period and does not include the June and December vacation. Students who cannot vacate their rooms on the last day of the academic calendar will be levied a pro-rated fee applicable to residence students.

Mens Residences Semester Year
Sinqobile Lethabong R10,360 R20,720
Uhuru, Ubuntu, Dikgalala Inkwenkwez R10,190 R20,380
Khayalethu R10,360 R20,720
Meropa R8,980 R17,960
Boiketlong R10,190 R20,380
New Residence Phase 1 R12,330 R24,660
New Residence Phase 2 R12,330 R24,660
Science Park R12,330 R24,660
Dinaleding R10,360 R20,720
Post Graduate Flats R14,190 R28,300
Ladies Residences Semester Year
Tsalanang Leseding R10,360 R20,720
Dinaleding R10,360 R20,720
Khomanani, Kutwanong & Meloding R 8,980 R17,960
New Residence Phase 1 R12,330 R24,660
New Residence Phase 2 R12,330 R24,660
Science Park Residence R12,330 R24,660


Service Amount
Application fee (SA Citizen) R 100
Late application fee R 140
Re-write and supplementary exams (per subject) R 130
Re-mark per subject (refundable if pass mark is obtained and fee account is zero) R 130
Diploma absentia fee R 130
Subject statement (per subject) R 40
Subject exemption certificate R 60
Duplicate ‘proof of registration’ R 40
Duplicate student access card R 60
Duplicate receipt of payment R 10
Duplicate statement of account R 20

International Citizens

Service Amount
Surcharge payable R 1,600


First Instalment payable before Registration (Students are encouraged to pay more where possible).


National Students

Registration for Amount
First years (students who will be enrolling first year subjects) R 2,000
Senior Students (Returning students who will be enrolling second year subjects) R 2,000
International Students 100%


Registration for First Minimum Payment
National Students R 2000
International Students 100%


Due to the fact that services for students at Upington are being supported by National Institute for Higher Education (NIHE) Northern Cape, a service fee may be charged for students at this Campus.


Payment Type Amount
First Minimum Payment R 330

3.5 NON-REFUNDABLE REGISTRATION LEVIES (Charged on registration)

Levy Type Amount per Year
Access Cards R 190
Registration Levy R 390
Student Levy R 240
Funeral Levy R 40
Sports Cultural Levy R 90
Residence Social Levy R 220


A surcharge is applicable as follows – R 1,600.


3.7.1 Up-front payments:

Discount on class fees: 10% on the following conditions:

  • Semester 1 – All fees to be paid up 28 February.
  • Semester 2 –  All fees to be paid up 31 August.
  • Year Students – All fees to be paid up 31 March (National Students have to apply for the discount after settlement of the accounts – the discount will then only be credited on their student accounts).

3.7.2 Family Rebates

Students from the same biological parents where two or more dependent children are concurrently registered full-time at VUT for the same academic year can apply for a discount on tuition fees.

  • 2nd Child – 25% discount on class fees only.
  • 3rd Child – 50% discount on class fees only.

NB: The discount is only granted to the last registered student.

3.7.3 Personnel Discount

Personnel and Dependents are entitled to the following:

  • Provided Student Revenue has received confirmation from Employees confirmed by HR Department that they are employees and do qualify for discount.
  • Pay R40 per subject. Registration fee R330.00 and Lab fees are payable in full.
  • Personnel Spouses are entitled to 50% discount on class fees only.


The balance of the accounts after registration is payable as follows:

Year Courses:

  • 25% of the account by 31 March.
  • 50% of the account by 31 May .
  • 75% of the account by 31 July.
  • 100% of the account by 30 September.

Semester Courses:

  • 50% of the account by 31 March (1st Semester)
  • 100% of the account by 31 May
  • 50% of the account by 31 August (2nd Semester)
  • 100% of the account by 30 September

Kindly take note: Should these payment agreements not be adhered to, your account will be handed over to the legal external collection agents.

3.8.1 Method of Payment

On-line payment:

On VUT website click on “Submit Payment” and follow the steps, Credit Card is Needed for this method and payment will reflect immediately on the student account.

NB: The Student Number, Surname and 01(If its for Tuition fees), 02(If its to Residences) must be clearly indicated on the deposit slip as the “reference” to avoid your payment being misallocated.

A copy of the deposit slip should be forwarded to the Finance Department, either by faxing to number (016) 950 9106, or submitting a copy in person at the Financial Enquiries Cashiers.

Allow up to 4 working days for payment to reflect on your student account when using this methods. Cash or Credit/Debit Cards at the Cashiers (Finance Department):


We are able to process card payments in single payment and budget facilities. Credit card details may be submitted in writing to fax number (016) 950 9106 (Student Revenue).

Please quote the following:

  • Student number.
  • Credit card details as follows:
    1. Bank CVC number (last 3 digits on card).
    2. Card number Contact number of card holder.
    3. Expiry date ID number of card holder.
    4. Amount Payment option – budget or straight. Direct Deposits at the Bank/EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer):

Deposits can be made at any ABSA branch:

  • Account number: 40-6812-6832.
  • Branch code: 632005.

3.9 Refunds on Student Accounts

Credit balance on student accounts may be refunded on the following conditions:

  • If the source of the credit balance on your account is due to your own payments (not as a result of an award or bursary), then a refund may be requested at any time.
  • If the source of the credit balance is due to an award or bursary, refunds will only be paid out if in accordance with the rules and regulations of your award or bursary.

In order to claim a refund, you have to complete the Refund Form obtainable at the Financial Enquiries Cashiers or Financial Aid Section for sponsored students.


The VUT is not obliged to grant a pro-rated refund of fees to students who withdraw from the University. Such refund may, however, be granted at the University’s sole discretion, provided the Faculty Dean and Financial Department is notified in writing on the official withdrawal form.

Students who withdraw from the University without completing a withdrawal form will remain liable for the payment of fees due for the entire semester of study.

Students wishing to change curricula (modules or degree/diploma) must complete the applicable change of forms, which are available from Student Administration. Administration will confirm the effective dates for all approved changes.


Up to 31 March:

  • Semester students are liable for pro-rated fees from registration up to cancellation date
    whether they attended classes or not.

After 31 March:

  • Students will be held liable for the total fees.


Up to 31 May:

  • Students are liable for pro-rated fees from registration date up to cancellation date, whether
    they attended classes or not.

After 30 September:

  • Students are liable for the total fees whether they attended classes or not.


Up to 30 September:

  • Semester students are held liable for pro-rated fees from registration up to cancellation date
    whether they attended classes or not.

After 30 September:

  • Students will be held liable for the total fees whether they attended classes or not.


In the event of cancellation or withdrawal no credit will be given.

Reimbursement of credit balance on account:

  • Credit balances on the accounts of students, are paid out to the parents (for more details make an enquiry at the Financial Enquiries Cashiers, students or sponsors on completion of a claim form.
  • Should company monies be involved, the necessary documentation (letter of permission) from the company must accompany the application.
  • Banking details and account holders details are compulsory.
  • Honoraria’s and bursaries awarded will only be paid out after settlement of student account.

Any deviation from the fixed procedure may be considered if proof is forthcoming of the following:

Suspension: Should the Council temporarily or permanently deprive a student of the rights and privileges he/she enjoys, or deny the student, whether it be permanently or temporarily, further admission, the student shall forfeit all claims to reimbursement, a decrease or remission of monies payable or paid to the University.

Bursaries and Loans


What is NSFAS?

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is a loan and bursary scheme operating in terms of Act 56 of 99 and funded by the National Department of Education. NSFAS has been established to assist academically deserving and financially needy students to achieve academic goals at tertiary educational institutions in South Africa, with particular concern in overcoming barriers created by structural disadvantagement.

What does NSFAS offer?

– The means to obtain a tertiary qualification

– Loans at low interest rates

– Loans without guarantees

– A reasonable repayment plan

NSFAS convert loan (s) to a Bursary. Up to 40% of the award may be converted into a bursary depending on your end of year results.

– If you pass all the courses for which you have registered,

you qualify for a 40% bursary.

– If you pass three quarters of the course, you qualify for a 30% bursary.

– If you pass half of the courses, you qualify for a 20% bursary.

– If you pass one quarter of the course, you qualify for a 10% bursary.

– If you pass none of the courses, you qualify for no bursary at all.

– A loan is the money you borrow to cover tertiary studies.

– This loan has to be repaid.

Who qualifies for a NSFAS loan?

You can qualify for a NSFAS loan if you are:

– A South African citizen;

– Registered at a South African university or University of Technology;

– An undergraduate, studying for a first tertiary educational qualification; or

– Studying for a second tertiary qualification, if this is necessary to practice in your chosen profession; (e.g. LLB or HDE)

– Able to demonstrate potential for academic success;

– Financially needy;

– You will, however, be expected to make your own family contribution towards the total costs of your studies.(EFC)

How much money do you get?

– There is a minimum award and a maximum award, which  is determined annually by NSFAS. Please enquire at the Financial Aid Office for the current limits.

Where do you apply for a loan?

At the Financial Aid Office of the Vaal University of Technology.

NOTE: Interest on NSFAS awards is determined annually by NSFAS.

Contact numbers: (016) 950 9484, 9972, 9486, 9485, 9571

Brochures for NSFAS ‘Students guide to funding’ are available at the Financial Aid Bureau office.


Do you need study finance?

You can apply for Edu-loan at the VUT campus (Finance). Edu-loan offers hassle free educational finance. As long as you, or a family member, receive a salary, paid into a bank account then you could qualify for an Edu-loan. What’s more, if we have an agreement with your, or your family member’s employer, we won’t even have to carry out credit checks.

Once your loan is approved we will:

  • Pay your student fees to the educational institution of your choice.
  • Assure you of affordable interest rates with a fixed monthly instalment.
  • Give you the option of an Edu-Xtras Smart Card for books and accessories.

You don’t even have to pay a deposit.

Contact numbers EDU-LOAN (016) 950 9948/9373

Call Centre: 0861 861 888 or 0861 861 VUT

Financial Aid Office

Vaal University of Technology

Private Bag X021



Bursaries and Loans

Information on loans and bursaries

VUT’s Financial Aid Office strives to assist prospective and current Undergraduate and Postgraduate students with information on available sources of funding for their studies. Financial assistance is made available to as many students as possible to the financial burden on students and their families, while providing students an opportunity to access tertiary education.


To be recognised as a leading administrative section providing creative, holistic, personalised and satisfactory services to a wide range of clients, to the maximum benefit of all concerned.


VUT’s Financial Aid Office strives to offer a comprehensive internal and external administrative service to all stakeholders, specifically catering for individual needs in a creative and professional manner, to make a meaningful contribution to their success and in so doing to foster a long-term working relationship.

The Financial Aid Office offers the following services to help students to obtain bursaries and/or loans to be able to complete their studies. Bursaries and/or loans are offered in all study fields at the Vaal University of Technology.

Available financial assistance

VUT offers the following types of financial assistance for students:

  • Bursaries administered by VUT: using funds provided by local and international donors or trustees
  • Bursaries allocated to VUT students by external donors: applications and allocations are done by donors and students must direct applications to the donors
  • NSFAS loans and bursaries.

Application forms

Click Here to download the NSFAS Forms