Village Waldorf School

We offer a beautiful safe haven for children to develop their inner potential and their unique capacities. As a Waldorf School our approach to education is based on and appropriate for each developmental phase of childhood and encourages the child’s sense of truth, beauty and goodness. Our aim is to inspire a lifelong love of learning in our children and a secure sense of their place in our community.


We have an experienced committed teachers’ body that are dedicated to our children – working towards creating an inner enthusiasm for learning and encouraging motivation to naturally arise from within. Our teachers realise the importance of recognising that a child is essentially a spiritual being consisting of the three faculties of willing, feeling, and thinking. Our teachers strive to acknowledge and nurture every aspect of the child through a methodology and curriculum infused with artistic activities.


Enrol your Child Join our community At Village Waldorf School

Wide community ofover 1200 Waldorf schools in more than 60 countries, dedicated to helping children develop their full potential physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.

Today more and more families are discovering the benefits of Waldorf Education. Our school is experiencing a healthy growth in enrollment and serves children from ages 3 through to Grade 7.

Waldorf teachers and parents seek to acknowledge the natural unfolding of childhood. This creates a genuine enthusiasm for learning that is essential to educational success. Waldorf students gain a deep knowledge and understanding of the cultural, scientific and social life of humanity that prepares them to be good problem-solvers, independent thinkers and engaged citizens.

The best way to understand Waldorf education is to see it in action! Please contact us during school hours and make an appointment with one of our teachers who will gladly take you on a tour and provide you with our enrollment information pack. 

Extra Murals & Aftercare Village Waldorf School


We charge a flat rate for aftercare unless

you’ve made special arrangements for a

daily rate.


Children have free play from 12h15 – 13h00. Thereafter aftercare fees are charged, unless the child has a sibling in class 4-7.

Class 1 -3 

Children have 15 minutes grace. From 13h15 aftercare fees are charged unless the child has a sibling in class 4-7

Class 4 -7

Children have 15min grace. From 14h15 aftercare fees are charged

All children

If your child does an extra mural on any day, please ensure that this has been entered when you sign your child out; to ensure that aftercare fees are not included for this time.

Please remember to inform the school if your child is going to be collected by anyone other than their parents on any day.

The children have free play during aftercare and meals are served at 15:00 every afternoon.

See Fees schedule for aftercare rates.

Extra Murals:

Please enquire via e-mail about our current extra murals. 

Contact Details

Please see our map for directions.

012 345 3771

PO Box 719, Wingate Park, 0153

48 Blue Crane Ave, Country Lane Estate, Rietvalleirand Ext. 21, Pretoria East, 0181