Vision, Mission and Mandate SANDF Reserve System

By | October 24, 2017

Vision, Mission and Mandate of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) Reserve System


To direct the development and maintenance of the Reserve System, to provide specialist advice on Reserve matters and to promote / market the Reserves and the volunteer Reserve System.

The Vision of Defence Reserves is that a viable Reserve Force exists as a fully employable partner in SANDF defence capabilities. This Vision is in response to the following Vision of CSANDF: A SANDF that is ready and capable of effectively and professionally executing successful missions and operations, as directed by government.

The Reserve Force Division (Chief Defence Reserves) is to provide overall strategic direction for a combat ready Reserve Force and positively influence/direct reserve force renewal.

To this end, the Reserve Force Division is to participate in all strategic planning. It is to advise, monitor, evaluate and report to the Reserve Force constituency on a combat ready Reserve Force (including force preparation, force employment, force support). It promotes the Reserve Force and it catalyzes present processes in respect of the Reserve Force, in order to contribute to the establishment of a combat ready Reserve Force.



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