Water Slides Prices In South Africa

What is Water Slide?

A water slide is a type of slide designed for warm-weather or indoor recreational use at water parks. Water slides differ in their riding method and therefore size. Some slides require riders to sit directly on the slide, or on a raft or tube designed to be used with the slide.

Water Slides Prices In South Africa

16FT Inflatable Water Slide For Garden- 4.88M


Frog Design Water Slide & Blobz- 488CM


Which water slide is best?

Then you’ll get a look at some of the best inflatable water slide options on the market.

  • BEST OVERALL: Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Slide.
  • BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: BOUNTECH Inflatable Water Slide.
  • BEST UPGRADE: Blast Zone Pirate Bay Water Slide.
  • BEST FEATURES: WELLFUNTIME Inflatable Water Slide Park with Pool.

Is a glass or steel slide better?

Compared to glass, metal slides are harder and heavier… Resulting in a sound that is both brighter and harsher, with a longer sustain.

This is why they tend to be the slide of choice for electric guitar in the rock n roll/blues genres. As a side benefit, they are also much more durable than glass.

How fast is the fastest water slide?


Get there: Aldeia das Aguas Park Resort is in Rodovia, about 85 miles northwest of Rio de Janeiro. At 49.9m high – 12m higher than the city’s Christ the Redeemer statue – this is not only the world’s tallest slide, it’s also reportedly the world’s fastest, with a record speed of 57mph.