Where Is Barrydale In South Africa

What Is Barrydale?

Barrydale is a village located on the border of the Overberg and Klein Karoo regions of the Western Cape Province in South Africa. It was named after Joseph Barry, a well-known merchant of the 19th century.


Where Is Barrydale In South Africa

Barrydale is a petite village located on the border of the Overberg and Klein Karoo regions of the Western Cape.

Enclosed in a narrow valley at the foot of the Langeberg Mountains at the northern end of the Tradouw’s Pass that leads to Swellendam, this rural village still retains its timeless country charm and friendly locals greet you with a smile. Here is more information on the driving directions to Barrydale.

The fertile area originally attracted Khoisan and Attaqua populations who called it Kannaland and made their homes in the valleys and mountains.

After Tradouw’s Pass was opened in 1873, Barrydale’s history truly began taking shape when farmers relocated from other areas into the fertile valley.

Weather conditions in Barrydale are perfect for growing fruit trees and there is an abundance of vineyards and orchards that lie scattered as far as the eye can see.


Barrydale’s history dates back to the early 18th century when farmers moved into the area looking for fertile arable land with water. The community built its church on a spot where the R62 and R324 roads meet.

In the days before the church was built there were a number of nagmaal houses (houses where Holy Communion could be celebrated) and a school, but not much else.

The Dutch Reformed Community of Barrydale came into being in 1878 when the land was purchased to build the church.

What is Barrydale known for?

The Barrydale Municipality was established in 1921. Barrydale is home to South Africa’s first pagoda, built in 2000. The very famous Ronnie’s Sex Shop can be found just outside of Barrydale, on Route 62.