Where Is Buffalo City In South Africa

What is Buffalo City?

Buffalo City is a metropolitan municipality situated on the east coast of Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. It includes the towns of East London, Bhisho, and Quince, as well as the large townships of Mdantsane and Zwelitsha.


Where Is Buffalo City In South Africa

The Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality is a Category A municipality situated on the east coast of the Eastern Cape Province. The boundaries of the newly established municipality now include a large area characterized by very different features.

Two former municipalities, Transitional Local Councils – that of East London and King William’s Town – have merged into one. Other areas that were previously not included in either of them are now part of Buffalo City.

The municipality was established as a local municipality in 2000 after South Africa’s reorganization of municipal areas and is named after the Buffalo River, at whose mouth lies the only river port in South Africa.

On 18 May 2011, it was separated from the Amathole District Municipality and converted into a metropolitan municipality. History was made in Buffalo City when the City elected its first female mayor on Friday, 17 March 2006.

The area has a well-developed manufacturing base, with the auto industry playing a major role. The climate is mild, with year-round sunshine. The average rainfall is 850mm.

Area: 2 753km²

Cities/Towns: Beacon Bay, Berlin, Bisho, Breidbach, Dimbaza, East London, Kidd’s Beach, King William’s Town, Mdantsane, Phakamisa, Potsdam, Zwelitsha

Main Economic Sectors: Community services (25%), finance (24%), manufacturing (24%), trade (12%), transport (12%)

Which province is Buffalo City in South Africa?

the Eastern Cape Province

Buffalo City is the key urban center of the eastern part of the Eastern Cape Province.

Is Buffalo a safe city to live in?

The crime rate in Buffalo is actually 88% higher than the national average which makes the city one of the highest crime cities in the South African States.

With a crime rate of 44 per one thousand residents, a resident’s chance of becoming a victim of crime is one in 23.