Where Is Calvin Klein In South Africa

What is Calvin Klein?

Calvin Klein is one of the world’s leading global fashion lifestyle brands with a history of bold, non-conformist ideals that inform everything we do.


Founded in New York in 1968, the brand’s minimalist and sensual aesthetic drive our approach to product design and communication, creating a canvas that offers the possibility of limitless self-expression.

Where Is Calvin Klein In South Africa

Address Atterbury Rd & Lois Ave, 0063 Pretoria, Afrique du Sud

Phone Number +27127649600

Website www.calvinklein.com.

Is Calvin Klein a cheap brand?

However, if we look at the price range and materials of Calvin Klein items, we can see they are not up to the same level as the well-established luxury brands and therefore, we would classify Calvin Klein as a high-end fashion brand or affordable luxury brand.

What’s the difference between Calvin Klein and Calvin Klein jeans?

clothing aesthetic

The most obvious difference is the aesthetic of each collection; all lines have that Calvin Klein aesthetic with sleek, paired back silhouettes, but the Calvin Klein Jeans line has more branding and logo decoration.

Is Calvin Klein denim good quality?

Absolutely. Calvin Klien (popularly referred to as ‘CK’) is a premium clothing and lifestyle brand across the globe with a great mix of modern and timeless designs. Their quality and customer support are also great.