Where To Get Malaria Pills In South Africa

What are Malaria Pills?

Antimalarials, or malaria pills, prevent the malaria parasite from taking root in the body. Unlike a vaccination, antimalarials must be taken on a regular basis.


Where To Get Malaria Pills In South Africa?

Are malaria pills safe?

But antimalarial drugs can cause serious side effects. “Mefloquine may cause dizziness, balance problems, and ringing in the ears.

These symptoms can occur at any time during use and can last for months to years after the drug is stopped or can be permanent,” the FDA cautions.

What happens if you miss a day of malaria pills?

In the instance that you miss a dose, take it as soon as possible that day. For daily regimes, if you miss the dose completely for that day, skip the missed dose entirely and continue with your next dose.

Never take a double dose to make up for a missed dose.

When do you start taking malaria pills?

Begin 1-2 weeks before travel, weekly during travel, and for 4 weeks after leaving.

Adults only: 200 mg per dose. Begin daily for 3 days prior to travel, weekly during travel, and for 1 week after leaving. Adults: 1 adult tablet daily.

How do I order malaria pills?

Call 1-888-499-7277 or book online now to learn more or receive antimalarial medication.