Wooden Flooring Prices In South Africa

What is Wooden Flooring?

Wood flooring is any product manufactured from timber that is designed for use as flooring, either structural or aesthetic. Wood is a common choice as a flooring material and can come in various styles, colours, cuts, and species.

Wooden Flooring Prices In South Africa

The cost of hardwood floorboards differs according to the type and grade of timber picked. Expect to pay from R1075.00 per m² (for a 10mm thick/2mm oak top layer, engineered floor) and upwards per m² including VAT.

It is important to note that the pricing of wood flooring differs considerably depending on the timber you use, the grade and specifications of the timber, the size of the planks and their thickness of them. The overall finishing will also influence the price based on how you decide to seal the wood. And finally, the installation method will impact the price of the overall job.  

All of us enjoy the natural appeal of wood floor covering, but in some cases, we avoid it since we hesitate that it will cost too costly.

Just how much does wood timber floor covering actually cost? Here’s what you need to understand.

  • Kinds of wood floor covering
  • Wood lumber type
  • How much does wood floor covering cost?
  • Employing a wood floor covering installer
  • Getting quotes for wood floor coverings
Hardwood timber floor in a modern open plan kitchen

Types of timber floor covering

There are a variety of different methods by which wood floors can be laid, consisting of:

  • Floating wood floor covering: this is laid over your existing floors, such as tiles, vinyl flooring, or concrete. A foam underlay is positioned below the Hardwood for sound insulation. The benefit of utilizing a real Hardwood floating floor is that it can be sanded and refinished if needed, unlike a wood laminate floor.
  • Structural wood floor covering: this kind of wood floor covering is laid on bearers and joists when the house is developed and is the standard type that was installed in older houses. Tongue and groove floor covering, as the name suggests, includes lumber boards that have a tongue on one side and a groove on the other so that they slot together when laid. To assist in holding them in place, they are nailed down. Structural wood floors require appropriate ventilation in the subfloor area so that the lumber does not warp or rot.
  • Parquetry-block Parquetry: this is made up of short lengths of wood that can be laid in a range of patterns. This is normally straight glued to your underfloor and then covered and/or stained. It is hard-wearing and long-lasting, due to its density. Popular patterns consist of basketweave, brick bond, herringbone, and square-on-square.

Hardwood wood types 

A few of the more popular wood species you will stumble upon consist of:




Tasmanian Oak


Grey Ironbark


Spotted Gum


These can be found in a variety of colours, from reds (Jarrah) to browns (ironwood) to light tones (bamboo).

How much is hardwood floor covering priced?

When you get quotes for hardwood floors, you are most likely to get one by the square metre or for the entire task.

In either case, the cost will vary depending on the kind of lumber you select. Normally speaking, there are 3 grades of hardwood flooring readily available, with the least expensive having the most natural flaws (knots and so on) and the most expensive having the least.

Generally, imported types cost more. Luckily, we have numerous kinds of native wood in South Africa to select from. These can differ drastically in price too.

Bedroom with hardwood flooring

How much do hardwood floors cost?

The cost of wood floorboards differs according to the type and grade of timber selected. Expect to pay:

R500 per square metre for low-grade floor planks with a great number of knots and flaws.

Mid-grade floor planks with some flaws costs between R550 and R800 per square metre.

R1000 to R1500+ per square metre for wood with a couple of or no flaws.

In regards to the types you select, standard-grade Jarrah can cost roughly 20-25% more than a faster-growing tree-like Blackbutt or Tasmanian Oak.

For selected types, anticipate paying:

R650 per square metre for Blackbutt

R720 per square metre for Jarrah

R850+ per square metre for Ironbark

R900 per square metre for Bamboo

R1500+ per square metre for Parquetry

Keep in mind that these costs are a sign of just that and will differ depending upon where you live, how much preparation is included, and the intricacy of the task. You will likewise require to ask if sealing and oiling are included in the price.