Woqod Prices In South Africa

What is Woqod?


Qatar Fuel Company Q.P.S.C., d/b/a WOQOD, is a Qatari oil and gas company focused on the distribution and sale of refined petroleum products supplied by QatarEnergy. It is the only fuel retailer in Qatar and is publicly listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange.

Woqod Prices In South Africa

How much is 1liter petrol in South Africa?


In South Africa, inland consumers are currently paying R22. 36 per liter of Petrol 95 and R24.

South AfricaR22.36R22.36
United Kingdom£1.62R33.23
United StatesUS$1.23R22.18

What is the price of 95 unleaded petrol in South Africa?

To put the fuel prices into perspective, consider that a liter of 95 Unleaded at the coast, which currently sells for R22.22, cost R18.89 at the beginning of 2022 and just R14.16 at the start of 2021.

How much petrol do you get for R100?

R100 / divided by R17. 10 per liter will give you 5,89 liters. Small cars are winners in this category like your Hyundai i10 | Suzuki Swift and Ford Fiesta, and VW Polo permits you to travel 130km on R100 worth of fuel.

Why fuel is expensive in South Africa?

The most important is the government’s fuel levy (about 20% of the retail price) and the road accident fund levy (about 11%). These levies apply to both petrol and diesel. Another important levy is the gross margin allowed for filling station operators.

Which petrol is best in South Africa?

Sasol emerged as an industry leader at 80.9 out of 100, with its customers naming it as the ideal petrol station. Shell (79.8), Total (78.7), Engen (78.2), Caltex (77.9), and BP (77.4) were all statistically on par with the industry average.
Best and worst petrol stations in South Africa.

Industry Average78.6