Wrought Iron Furniture Prices In South Africa

What is Wrought Iron Furniture?


Wrought iron is a highly malleable material so it can be worked into intricate, unique, and visually appealing shapes.

Wrought iron outdoor furniture is simply more craftsman-like than most other options. There is a wide variety of styles available – from contemporary to elaborate traditional.

Wrought Iron Furniture Prices In South Africa

Beautiful Patio Set I Wrought Iron | 6 Seater

R 4,500

Wrought Iron and glass top Coffee table

R 3,000

8-seater wrought iron patio set

R 6,200

Is wrought iron furniture good?

When it is made well, wrought iron furniture can last a lifetime. It will withstand rigorous daily use and exposure to the harshest weather.

When it’s not made well, it will likely not make it into the next season without corroding. Armed with a little knowledge, selecting the perfect set can be easy.

What is wrought iron furniture made of?

Historically wrought iron was referred to as commercially pure iron, being made on the scale for commercial uses, but this is no longer the case. Today modern products made from wrought iron are actually made from mild steel and are called wrought iron because they are still worked (wrought) by hand.

How can you tell if the furniture is wrought iron?

If the metal looks like it’s been hammered or there are other signs of “imperfection” on its surface, it could be wrought iron.

A sign of cast iron is its uniformity. Aside from mold lines, this is one of the clearest giveaways as to what kind of iron furniture you’re actually looking at.