Xela fashion studio and design college

Xela fashion studio and design college

Xela College of Design, Fashion & Interior


Xela College of Design, Fashion & Interior

Xela College of Design offers a boutique career-focused learning experience in either fashion design or interior design.

With only 16 students per class and facilitator run lectures at Xela we focus on the individual!

Our study options are:

✄ Full-time diploma
✄ Part time
✄ Short courses
✄ Online course
✄ School holiday
✄ CSR/CSI programmes

Xela College of Design, Fashion & Interior is currently accredited with City & Guilds in London, the FP&M Seta and our members of the ADDEPT.

Xela College of Design, Fashion & Interior           Xela College of Design, Fashion & Interior



2 Year Full Time Diploma

Xela Fashion College Offers A 2 Year Full Time Diploma Course In Fashion Design. Each Course Commences In January Of Each Year And Enrolments Open 6 Months Prior. All Students Are Accepted On Merit, Passion And Talent. Our College Is Situated In Nelspruit And Classes Are Monday To Friday Mornings.

Designing Is A Fun Career And The Subjects Which You Will Learn And Master Will Be:

Fashion Sketching

Technical Drawing

Pattern Manipulation & Grading

Garment Manufacture

Accessories – Making Hats, Fascinators, Flowers And Much More.

History Of Fashion

Fabric Recognition

Business Skills & Marketing

All Subjects Are Taught By Qualified Lecturers Who Are Young And Fun. This Is A Course For All Ages And Genders.
We Are A City & Guild Accredited Centre And Offer Internationally Recognized And Accredited Diplomas.

To Be Added To Our Mailing List And Receive Up To Date Information Please Email All Your Contact Details To Info@Xela.Co.Za

Online Course in Fashion Design


Fashion Is The Career That You Can Determine What YOU Want From It, From A Stay At Home Mum To The Catwalks Of Milan! Fashion Is Something That Interests Us All. Everyone Strives For ‘Their Look” To Look Their Best.


Our Online Course Consists With 10 Modules That Will Take You On A Journey Where You Will Learn All The Exciting And Fun Ways To Design, Make And Complete All Those Ideas You Have Been Dreaming About. Each Module Is Purchased Individually So You Can Budget For Your Studies. You Have 6 Months To Complete Each Module, There By All 10 Should Not Take You Longer Than 5 Years. You Are Welcome To Move As Fast Or As Slow As Your Pace Requires And You May Watch Each Module As Many Times As Needed For You To Understand The Work But Remember That Access Will Expire Within 6 Months. The Modules Consist Of Video Tutorials And PDF Downloads. On Registering You Will Receive Your Equipment List Of What Is Needed And At The Start Of Each Subject We Will Go Through The Equipment You Will Be Using For That Subject.

The Subjects That Will Be Covered Are FASHION ILLUSTRATION, TECHNICAL DRAWING, WOMEN PATTERN CUTTING, WOMEN GARMENT MANUFACTURE, ACCESSORIES, HISTORY OF FASHION, FABRIC RECOGNITION AND BUSINESS SKILLS. As The 4 First Subjects Are The Most Important We Spend The First 3 Modules Exclusively On These To Ensure A Strong Grounding Before Introducing The Additional Subject Slowly Over Respective Modules.


You Are Also Able To Purchase Just Single Subjects In Each Module, This Is For The Individual Who Would Like Extra Knowledge, Such As Learning To Sew, Make Patterns Or Draw. Only The 4 Grounding Subjects FASHION ILLUSTRATION, TECHNICAL DRAWING, WOMEN PATTERN CUTTING, GARMENT MANUFACTURE Are Available As Single Subject TOGETHER WE WILL MAKE YOUR DREAMS  CONE TO REALITY

Application Form

Download Xela fashion studio and design college application form


Xela fashion studio and design college prospectus

Contact Xela fashion studio and design college on

Tel: +27 (0)13 752 6654

Terms and Conditions


1.Please note that the prices per module may change at any time and without prior notice

2.On completing and passing all 10 modules you will receive an attendance certificate. This does not automatically qualify you with City & Guilds accreditation. In order to receive a City & Guild accreditated qualification, a 3 week in-house assessment will be required.

3.Individual modules are to be completed in 6 months

4.Complete course is to be completed in 60 months

5.A 30% once of discount is applicable should you repeat a module. Should you repeat a module more than once, original pricing will be charged.

The student, applicant, account/fee payer, lawful guardian are herein collectively referred to as the “student�?. By acceptance of the Alexandra Asman trading as Xela Fashion Studio & Design College hereafter referred to as _�?Xela Design College�?_ and where the student as entered upon studies pursuant to the Contract of Enrolment entered into with Xela Design College the student shall be jointly and severally responsible for the fulfillment of all terms of the agreement.

1.Compliance with Xela Design College rules

The student will comply with all the rules and regulations set out by Xela Design College

2.Student liability

The student shall be responsible to pay for all damages or loss caused by the student to any property of Xela Design College.

3.Legal Declaration of Indemnity

The student hereby indemnifies Xela Design College against any risk, loss or damage whatsoever arising out of any claim, which may institute against Xela Design College as a result of any happenings which may take place on the premises of Xela Design College. Neither Xela Design College nor any official employee, contractor or representative of Xela Design College shall be liable for any damage arising out of death, bodily harm, loss of health or illness of any student howsoever caused.

Furthermore the student hereby holds Xela Design College free from any claim whatsoever arising out of any loss or damage which may be suffered by the student whilst on the premises of Xela Design College. Neither Xela Design College or any official employee, contractor or representative of Xela Design College shall be liable for any damage to any property owned by or in custody of any student.

4.Credit Approval

No credit facilities exist or will be given.

5.Student Fees

Student fees are due and payable by the student to Xela Design College on date of registration.

The student will not receive reports, diplomas or exam results unless all amounts due to Xela Design College have been settled in full.

Xela Design College retains the right of admission to all video clips/ lectures and information and is under no obligation or otherwise to grant access to a student who has not made payment of all Student Fees and any other amounts due and payable, but not paid, to the Xela Design College.

A student who has failed to meet the required standards for the school to issue a certificate, shall not receive any reimbursement of their tuition fee.

In the event of a student missing video tutorials, notes or the time frame for module has lapsed. The student will be required to re-register for the module at full cost.


All details regarding registration and termination of registration are contained in the appropriate Xela Design College documentation 010113XDC, the content of which are deemed to have been read and understood by the student. Furthermore the following terms and conditions are agreed to:

The students failure to submit their work for whatsoever reason shall in no way entitle him/her to a reduction of fees, nor will it absolve him/her from full liability for the payment of fees.

No cancellation of this contract shall be of force or effect without written consent thereto by an authorized officer of Xela Design College and deposits will not be refunded unless Xela Design College cancels the specific course

Fees payable for Xela Design College per module compromise the tuiton and registration fees, applicable to the specific period of study which must be completed within 6 months from enrolling.

Xela Design College will supply the student with a list of stationery, books and equipment which the student must purchase at their own expense.


The Student elects the physical address referred to in REGISTRATION FORM as his/her chosen Dom cilium citandi et executandi for the purpose of serving all legal process documentation and correspondence.


A minor shall complete his/her application for registration with the full knowledge and consent of his/her parents or guardian.


The Student has familiarized himself/herself with the content of this application for registration and the terms and conditions thereto and agrees to bide thereby.


Please read this document carefully and ensure that you understand the contents thereof.


This is a skills based course aimed at equipping student with the skills required for a career in fashion design. Completion of course will result in a certificate of attendance. Should a Diploma be required, the student will be required to attend a 3 week in house (on college premises) practical assessment. In house assessments will take place in July and December of each year.

10 MODULE COURSE OUTCOME The student will be able to:

Complete correct technical drawings of fashion details.

Compile and complete fashion illustrations and story boards.

Understand the manufactre process of ladies fashion wear.

Knowledge of the components and fabrics used in fashion wear.

Cut patterns for ladies fashion wear.

Understand the basic knowledge of fashion history.

Understand the assembly of basic fashion accessories.

Understand brandling, labels and themes.

Costing and ratings of design.


R3000 – R4000-00 per module, depending on module.

No terms for this payment ie payment on registration

Addition optional costs:

Should you wish to register for a City & Guild Diploma a R2500-00 registration fee

3 week in house practical assessment R1800-00