Yellow Wood Prices In South Africa

What is Yellow Wood?

Yellow Wood is a tree having yellowish wood.

Yellow Wood Prices In South Africa


Is yellowwood hardwood?

Yellowwood is an even-grained, lightweight South African wood that has been used historically for hundreds of years and for a variety of purposes. It was extensively used in railway sleepers, as well as in multiple phases of construction.

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Janka Hardness – N6030

Is Yellow Wood rare?

Its native range is from North Carolina to Kentucky with a few native patches as far west as Illinois. Andre Micheaux, a French botanist, discovered the Yellowwood trees growing near Fort Blount, Tenn., in 1796. This tree is extremely rare and difficult to find in the wild and in nursery production.

Is yellowwood good for furniture?

In the past, it was used for light construction, railway sleepers, and boat building. It was popular for flooring and furniture in the early Cape homesteads. 

This wood has been used more than any other indigenous timber for furniture-making, often along with darker woods such as Stinkwood and Blackwood.

Is yellow wood any good?

Outdoor exposure testing also shows that wood treated with micronized copper, like YellaWood products, offers superior benefits compared to other copper-based products, so builders know they’re working with high-quality materials their clients can depend on.

How long does yellow wood last outside?

The lifespan of the pressure-treated wood exposed outside is 40 years. This is the standard lifespan for treated wood.

First, however, you need to ascertain there’re no cracks or any entry points for water or moisture to seep into the wood: otherwise, it will rot away.