ZD30 Turbo Prices In South Africa

What is ZD30 Turbo?

ZD30 Turbo Prices In South Africa

ZD30 Turbo


R 3,987

What turbo does a ZD30 have?

It is not uncommon to see the GT2052v Garrett turbo on the ZD30 Patrol spike in boost pressure to well over 20psi.

What causes turbo ZD30 to fail?

In extreme cases, the mixture in a cylinder could be so slewed that hot spots occurred on the piston and the combustion chamber.

If the temperature got high enough for long enough, those hot spots could cause the piston failure that characterized the bulk of ZD30 engine failures.

What oil does a turbo ZD30 engine take?

SAE 10W -40

How do I stop my turbo ZD30 from blowing up?

Install an oil catch, which can also be known as an oil/air separator. Doing so will minimize the amount of oil mist from blow-by into your air intake system.

We stock proven catch cans in our online store. Egt Gauge fitting one of these will allow you to monitor your exhaust temperatures.