Average Classroom Size In South Africa

What is Classroom Size?


Class size refers to the number of students a teacher faces during a given period of instruction. 

Average Classroom Size In South Africa

However this dropped to a national average of 27.7 students to a teacher at the secondary school level.

Class sizes in public vs private schools in South Africa.

Nothern Cape3225
Western Cape3833
National average3528

What is the normal size of a classroom?

The average class size for secondary schools is 1024 square feet and should house approximately 14 – 15 students. These findings have strong implications for government policy.

If smaller is better, then fewer students per existing classroom is the answer.

How big is an average classroom in meters?

As a rule of thumb, each student takes about 2.5 square meters, giving us a total of 62.5 sqare meters (sq m) per classroom. Primary students require more space as a whole.

An adequate room size with teacher desk and filing cabinets is approximately 65 sq m.

What is considered a small class size?

In research on early elementary school students, small classes usually mean fewer than 20 students, while for high school students the definition of “small” classes is usually somewhat larger. There are similar variations in what constitutes small classes for college writing instruction.

How much space does a child need in a classroom?

For Federal child care centers, the U.S. General Services Administration’s (GSA) child care design standards require a minimum of forty-eight and one-half square feet per child in the classroom (4).