Average Cost Of Lobola In South Africa

What is Lobola?

Bride-price especially among the Bantu-speaking peoples of southern Africa.


Average Cost Of Lobola In South Africa

The “Lobola Calculator” determines your lobola worth — and will also inform you of averages in different South African provinces. For example, in Gauteng, the province that includes Johannesburg and Pretoria, the average lobola is 12 cows or R82,500/

What is the reasonable amount for lobola?

The minimum lobola to be paid is 10 cows. The bride’s family then determines what the value of 1 cow would be, and multiplies it by 10. For instance, if the standard rate for a cow is R7000, and the family determined that the bride is worth 12 cows, the lobola would be R84 000.

Does paying lobola mean you are married?

Jacob Ntshangase, a cultural expert and former cultural advisor for Isibaya, says when lobola has been paid then the couple is considered to be married for all intents and purposes. “Though there are other ceremonies that have to be done to complete the process in its entirety, a woman is considered a wife

What comes first between lobola and engagement?

Back in the day, lobola WAS the engagement. This means that for them; the proposal/engagement comes before the “full momo” (the proposer’s introduction and request for blessings from the families to marry the “proposee“)

What is the difference between lobola and dowry?

is that dowry is payment, as property or money, of a bride’s inheritance by her family to the groom or his family at the time of marriage Gary Ferraro & Susan Andreatta, cultural anthropology, 8th in (Belmont, cal: Wadsworth, 2010), 223 while lobola is (south Africa) the dowry paid to a bride’s family to secure.