Average Price For Egg Donation In South Africa

If you’re looking at an egg donation cycle, which is what we’re talking about, the cycle itself is probably about 80,000 ZAR and if you look at the egg donation agency fees, which is about 20,000, that comes to about a hundred thousand rands.


Average Price For Egg Donation In South Africa

How much do egg donors get paid in South Africa?

The South African Medical Ethics committee sets guidelines for compensation. This compensation varies by agency, and for example at Vitalab, compensation is set at R9000, while at Wijnland Fertility Cinic the ova donation compensation amount ranges between R7000 to R10 000 per donation

How can I donate my eggs in South Africa?

The first step in becoming an egg donor is simple and quick to complete.

Simply contact our Egg Donor Fairy God Mother, Linda, on 066 22 55 003 or linda@capefertility.co.za or fill in your contact details here. Your information is 100% confidential and will under no circumstances be made available to anybody else.

How many times can you donate eggs in South Africa?

Many egg donors donate more than once, but there is a limit on the number of donations that can be made. According to Chapter 8 on Artificial Fertilizations of the National Health Act (2003), a donor can legally not donate more than a maximum of six times.

How much can I sell my sperm for in South Africa?

Some sperm banks offer compensation for “time and commitment” too. A donor can expect to receive between R3 000 and R8 000 compensation for their efforts. Payments are only made if the donor was successful, after the process is completed.

How old must you be to donate eggs in South Africa?

Ages that qualify for egg donation

Egg donors must be between 21 and 31 years of age. The lower limit of the age scale, the legal age at which you can donate eggs is 18 years. However, the South African Society for Reproductive Medicine (SASREG) recommends that donors are at least 21 years old.