Average Salary For Correctional Officers In South Africa

Correctional Officers play a positive role in keeping the community safe and helping offenders find ways to improve their lives.

Correctional Officers are required to interact with inmates and ensure the safety and security of the facility by undertaking searches, monitoring behaviors, and communicating effectively.

Correctional Officer Salary In South Africa

The average Department of Corrections Correctional Officer monthly pay in South Africa is approximately R 14 953, which meets the national average.

Is it easy to become a correctional officer?

The training is intensive and very demanding. It involves face-to-face program delivery, weapons training, and survival training.

How do you become a corrections officer in South Africa?

A correctional officer should:

be a South African citizen.

be 18 – 35 years of age.

be a minimum of 1,67 m tall for men and 1,60 m for women.

have no mental or physical handicap.

be medically fit.

speak English and at least one other language.

be emotionally mature and stable.

be responsible and honest.

How long does it take to become a correctional officer in South Africa?

Learners get rehabilitation skills through correction and human development in a secure, safe, and humane detention or under community-based correctional supervision.

The duration of this program is 12 months. Successful candidates will receive a monthly stipend of R5000 per month during their placement.

Where can I study Correctional Services in South Africa?

Basic training is offered at the Department of Correctional Services’ two training colleges at Kroonstad and Zonderwater near Cullinan before members are transferred to one of the facilities in the country.