Average Salary For Domestic workers In South Africa

Domestic workers are those workers who perform work in or for a private household or households.


They provide direct and indirect care services, and as such are key members of the care economy.

Domestic work is a more important source of employment though among female employees than among male employees.

Domestic Worker’s Salary In South Africa

According to the data, domestic workers – not on the SweepSouth platform – earn between R2,614 and R2,916 a month. The minimum wage for domestic workers is just over R3,000 a month.

What is the minimum wage for domestic workers in South Africa?

R19,09 per hour

The minimum wage that is valid from 1 March 2021 requires that domestic workers be paid R19,09 per hour.

The minimum wage for domestic workers is still less than the general minimum wage which was increased by 4,5% and currently stands at R21,69 per hour.

How do you calculate what you should be paying your domestic worker in South Africa?

According to the sectoral determination for the Domestic Worker Sector, South Africa made under the BCEA: The hourly wage of a domestic worker is obtained by dividing the daily wage by the ordinary hours worked in a day or dividing the weekly wage by the number of ordinary hours worked in a week.

What are some examples of domestic workers?

Persons employed in domestic service in private homes are covered by the FLSA.

Domestic service workers include companions, babysitters, cooks, waiters, maids, housekeepers, nannies, nurses, janitors, caretakers, handymen, gardeners, home health aides, and personal care aides, and family chauffeurs.

Where are domestic workers mainly?

Most of the domestic workers are migrants who have come from rural to urban areas in search of livelihood opportunities.

A substantial number of women in rural areas migrate to urban areas for the sake of employment due to a lack of education and job skills.