Average Salary For Forensic Psychologist In South Africa

Forensic psychology, a subfield of psychology, involves the application of psychological knowledge and methods to both civil and criminal legal questions. Traditionally, it has a broad definition as well as a narrow definition.


Forensic Psychologist Salary In South Africa

Forensic Psychology Jobs by Salary

Job Title: Forensic PsychologistRange: R300k – R635kAverage: R450,000
CriminologistRange: R82k – R325kAverage: R131,885
PsychologistRange: R0 – R0 (Estimated *)Average:R255,000
Clinical PsychologistRange: R0 – R0 (Estimated *)Average: R264,754

Is Forensic Psychology a good career?

If you are looking for versatility, forensic psychology is an excellent career field. It is a branch of clinical psychology which means that after obtaining your Ph.D. you can do many great things. For example, you may wish to do front-line work, or focus on more research-based work.

How long does it take to become a forensic psychologist?

The traditional study route requires about 10 years of education, including four years to obtain your bachelor’s, two years to complete your master’s, and at least another four years for your doctorate.

What skills are needed to be a forensic psychologist?

Strong Communication Skills. No matter what position you hold, strong communication skills are integral for anyone in the forensic psychology field.

The Ability to Maintain Objectivity.

Critical Thinking Skills.

Attention to Detail.