Average Salary For Hairdressers In South Africa

A hairdresser is a person whose occupation is the dressing or cutting of hair.


Hairdressers’ Salary In South Africa

A typical salary for hairdressers in South Africa is between R18 000 and R305 000 per year, with an average of R60 000 per year for those with four or more years of experience. Professional hairdressers with five or more years of experience on average earn R160 000 per year.

What is the difference between hairstylists and hairdressers?

Depending on the source, hairdressers are workers who perform the actual shampooing, cutting, and coloring of hair, while hair stylists decide on hair designs.

hairstylists when it comes to duties, qualifications, and salaries.

Is owning a hair salon profitable in South Africa?

A hair & beauty salon is a profitable business to start in South Africa.

As the average income increases together with the black middle class there has been an increase in the demand for such services. It is evident that this is a business market that you can explore.

What is a female hairdresser called?

The terms barber, hairdresser, and hairstylist are often used interchangeably, but there are some differences in their meaning.

Technically, a hairdresser is the same as a hairstylist, although the term “hairdresser” is a bit out of fashion and was used primarily to refer to females.

How many salons are in South Africa?

The South African hairdressing industry divides into two main sectors: a large Afro sector and a much smaller Caucasian sector. It is estimated there are around 34,000 Afro salons and some 3,000 Caucasian hairdressing salons in the country.

What are the duties of a hairdresser?

A Hair Stylist, or Salon Hair Stylist, cuts and styles customers’ hair.

Their main duties include washing, coloring, and cleaning hair, recommending and selling salon products, and staying updated on ongoing hair styling trends.