Average Salary For Health Promotion Officers In South Africa

Health Promotion Officer is a new profession in the health sector that deals with the prevention of diseases and improving healthy lifestyles. Duties of Health Promotion Offer. Treat simple diseases, injuries, and wounds and refer them to the clinic. Provide basic nursing care.


Health Promotion Officer Salary In South Africa

The average occupational health and safety officer salary in South Africa is R 3 684 228 per year or R 1 889 per hour. Entry-level positions start at R 540 000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to R 3 801 492 per year.

Job Title: Health Promotion OfficerRange: R27k – R210kAverage: R118,826
Community Health WorkerRange: R41k – R121kAverage: R42,729
Environmental Health PractitionerRange: R305k – R385kAverage: R325,131
MidwifeRange: R147k – R269kAverage: R171,000

Where do health promoters work?

Health promoters can work for: district health boards. primary health organizations such as doctors’ practices. non-governmental organizations such as community development groups.

Where can I study health promotion in South Africa?

Must Graduate Academy, Durban.

Matasolve Academy, Pretoria.

Hatfield City College, Durban.

Radio School, East London.

The Finishing College, Johannesburg.

Kayamandi Elderly Nursing College, Cape Town.

What is the work of a health promotion officer?

Responsible for the coordination of all capacity-building activities and supporting clinical governance on both team and facility levels.

Monitor and support the transition of teams in accordance with the project model. Regularly provide project updates to key stakeholders and promptly report any deviations.