Bursary : Total Bursary Scheme

Total Bursary Scheme

Closing Date : November.

Field of Study:

  • Accountancy
  • Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Health Science Education

Bursary Details:

Total are handing bursaries to students studying towards a formal qualification at either an FET college or a university.


We offer bursaries to x10 learners who require financial assistance for full time tuition at an FET college or a university in order for them to achieve a formal qualification e.g. a certificate, diploma or degree.

The aim of this bursary programme is to:

• Enhance youth development and employability
• Create a pool of talent to feed into the Young Talent Graduate programme

• Create a skills pool for scares and critical skills required by the company.

We offer graduate programme in the following fields:

• Engineering (Mechanical, Industrial and Civil)
• Internal Auditing
• Analytical Chemistry
• Marketing
• Environmental Protection
• Human Resources
• Logistics / Supply Chain Management
• Law and Governance
• Health and Safety

Closing: 30 November.

Candidate Requirements:

Who Is Eligible To Apply?

Priority consideration for bursaries is given to previously disadvantaged South Africa students who have successfully completed their Grade 12 with a university exemption.

Bursaries are also provided to students in their third year studies provided they have achieved an average of 65% or greater for years 1 and 2 and require funding to continue their studies.

To be eligible learners should not be receiving any financial assistance from another institution or company. Applicants should be between the ages of 18 and 23.

How to Apply:

Bursary Inclusion:

• Tuition fees
• Books and stationery

• Accommodation

Applications should include the following information to be considered:

Application letter motivating why you should be considered for a graduate programme
Curriculum Vitae with contact details (more than one contact number or address)
Certified copies of recent academic records / transcript and qualifications (if already attained)
Certified copies of identity document.
Proof of registration / admission letter from tertiary institution
Proof of parents / guardian income