cape peninsula university of technology radiography questionnaire

cape peninsula university of technology radiography questionnaire

New Radiography Bachelor of Science degrees

This page refers to these degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Radiography
  • Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Medicine
  • Bachelor of Science in Radiation Therapy

Entry Criteria:

  • Eligibility to apply: National Senior Certificate (NSC) or equivalent with English [4], Mathematics [4] AND Physical Science [4] OR Life Sciences [4] . Maths Literacy is not accepted in the place of Mathematics.
  • For the BSc in Nuclear Medicine both Mathematics and Physical Science are required.
  • There is a limited annual intake of students as determined by work placements available in clinical facilities. The programme has both an academic and compulsory clinical [Work Integrated Learning] component, with students having to complete specified clinical outcomes for the specific course in a HPCSA accredited facility.
  • Both the generic CPUT application form and the Radiography questionnaire have to be submitted by 31 August of the year prior to programme commencement [Ref: ]
  • Applicants must indicate on the application for which coursethey are applying.
  • BTech Radiography : This qualification will continue to be offered for a limited period of time to National Diploma graduates in Radiography [Diagnostic], Nuclear Medicine],[ Radiotherapy] or [Ultrasound], but will be phased out within the next number of years as the four year professional degree will replace the BTech degree.
  • It is envisaged that the MTech degree will be replaced by the MSc degree after a transitional period.



  • The Diagnostic Radiographer works in a multidisciplinary team. Diagnostic Radiography mainly entails the production of digital images that may be used to diagnose or confirm medical diagnoses and to aid in therapeutic and interventional procedures. Diagnostic Radiography utilizes radiation to produce images of the human body and includes General and Specialised Radiography, Trauma and Theatre Radiography, Angiography, Mammography and Computer Tomography. Magnetic Resonance Imaging utilises magnetic fields to produce 3 Dimensional images.

The aim of this four year professional degree is to develop professionals who, in addition to demonstrating the knowledge and skills required in Diagnostic Radiography have also gained experience in applying such knowledge and skills in the appropriate workplace context.

The Diagnostic Radiographer should be proficient in a range of generic and academic skills, having a broad integrated knowledge of health science. The radiographer should be a reflective practitioner and a life-long learner in the profession in order to benefit the community and society.

The curriculum facilitates the holistic development of the student. Students gain professional skills in the clinical environment. This involves working with patients as part of the Health Care Team.

Career Opportunities

Graduates find employment in academic hospitals, community health centres, private and public practice both nationally and internationally, research institutes, and related industries.

Admission Requirements

Application Eligibility: English [minimum 4] AND Mathematics [Minimum 4] AND Physical Science [minimum 4] OR Life Sciences [minimum 4]

Applicants must submit both the generic CPUT application form and the Radiography questionnaire with full supporting documentation to the admissions office of the Bellville Campus by 31 August of the year prior to the intended course commencement.

Get the admission requirements and application form

Some courses require students to submit additional information as part of their application. Please see the Additional admission requirements for more information.

Lectures and Clinical Work
The course commences in January each year and is a Work Integrated Learning programmes within the professional environment conducted at the Bellville, Groote Schuur and Tygerberg campuses of CPUT.

Clinical Training
All students are required to complete specified clinical outcomes at an HPCSA accredited training facility for each year of study. Students are subject to the rules and regulations of the selected facility in which they are placed for the clinical component of the course, whether in the public or private sectors.

Community Service
One year of compulsory community service in a public sector facility is a requirement for all qualifying students on completion of the programme. This is co-ordinated by the Department of Health.

Offering Type and Duration

Full-Time / Four years

Academic Course is offered on Bellville, Groote Schuur and Tygerberg Campuses of CPUT.

Clinical placements will be at various public and private sector facilities.

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