Centre for Continuing Education and Training Unisa

Centre for Continuing Education and Training Unisa

The Centre for Continuing Education and Training presents various training opportunities for people interested in and/or in person-oriented settings.  These opportunities provide people from all walks of life with the practical skills and theoretical background to increase their proficiency in relationships within their unique life situations.

The Centre for Continuing Education and Training has a rich source of expertise in education, training and capacity building and makes this expertise accessible and affordable to the broader community through the certificate courses and programmes described here.

By presenting certificate programmes and courses  the The Centre for Continuing Education and Training makes it possible for people to receive training that does not fall within the time and cost limits of the degree or diploma structures of formal university courses, and is accessible to people who do not necessarily have an extensive academic  background.

These certificates are aimed at:

Education and training practitioners and learners in industry, organizations and institutions, in-service and prospective teachers, and the general public

The certificates offered by the The Centre for Continuing Education and Training provide specific, practically-oriented training. The duration of these certificates varies from 6 to 24 months and  cover a wide range of subjects.

Education, training and development practices

Name of Course/Programme Cost per module Cost per programme
Short course in the design of integrated assessment for learning programmes R2800.00 R2800.00
Short course for Planning and conducting assessment of learnin outcomes R4000.00 R4000.00
Short course in mentoring, guidance and support for teachers and trainers R2800.00 R2800.00
Programme in training practices for educators and trainers R1300.00 R6500.00
Short course in Moderation of Assessment R5500.00 R5500.00
Fascilitation of Learning for tutors in higher education R3000.00 R3000.00

Environmental education

Name of Course/Programme Cost per module Cost per programme
Course for environmental educators R5000.00 R5000.00

In-service teacher education – general

Name of Course/Programme Cost per module Cost per programme
Short course in the functionality of school governing bodies R5400.00 R5400.00
Programme for Career Guidance Practitioners R1000.00 R5000.00
Programme for Practitioners in early childhood development R1550.00 R6200.00
Course in dealing with problem behaviour of children R1350.00 R2700.00
Short course in sport management R3000.00 R3000.00
Course in school management R1600.00 R3200.00
Short course in Gifted Child Education R3000.00 R3000.00
Course in Early Learning Support (CELS) from birth to five years R1750.00 R7000.00
Introduction to Leadership, Administration, Law and Policy Practices R6000.00 R6000.00
Short course in Norm and Standards in Early Childhood Education R5400.00 R5400.00
Short course in The support of Children at Risk R3500.00 R3500.00
Teaching Methodologies in Education R4500.00 R4500.00
Short course in Multigrade teaching methodologies and assessment in school R3000.00 R3000.00
Course in sport psychology R1800.00 R3600.00
Course in Education Management in Early Childhood Development R1850.00 R5550.00
Programme in Grade R Teaching R1300.00 R6500.00

In-service teacher education – learning areas

Name of Course/Programme Cost per module Cost per programme
Course in teaching foundation phase mathematics R2000.00 R4000.00
Programme in language Teaching in foundation phase R750.00 R3000.00
Course in mathematics teaching (intermediate and senior phase) R2000.00 R4000.00
Course in mathematics teaching (FET band) R1100.00 R4400.00
Course in Teaching Foundation Phase Mathematics R2000.00 R4000.00
Certificate programme for mathematics literacy for FET teachers R1100.00 R4400.00
Programme in technology education R3500.00 R3500.00
Course in Life Skills Teaching R5400.00 R5400.00
Shourt course in Teaching Biodiversity: Life Science Grades 10 – 12 R5000.00 R5000.00
Intergrating Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in teaching and learning R4000.00 R4000.00


Name of Course/Programme Cost per module Cost per Programme
Programme in Advanced counselling programme R1100.00 1st year R3300.00
R1100.00 2nd year R4400.00
Course in Christian counselling R2000.00 R4000.00
Course in Crisis debriefing and trauma counselling R1500.00 R3000.00
Course in Dealing with traumatised children R1100.00 R3300.00
Programme in Counselling children and adolecents R1150.00 R4600.00

Inclusive Education

Name of Course/Programme Cost per module Cost per programme
Short course in Braille Literacy for Teachers and Practitioners R5400.00 R5400.00
Course in Teaching Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder R1500.00 R6000.00
Course in Inclusive Education R3000.00 R6000.00

Note: Registrations will open on 2 January 2018

NB:  Information regarding online applications is currently unavailable

If you want to register for  any of our programmes/certificates at the Sunnyside Campus in Pretoria, please follow this procedure:

  • Visit the Centre’s registration booth at Hall B (counter 7) in the Eskia Mphahlele Building.
  • Further instructions will be provided at the counter.
  • Online registrations for short learning programmes are currently unavailable.

NB. You do not have to apply before you register for any of our courses/programmes. You can register directly when registration opens.

Registration enquiries only:

Tel: (012) 481 2813 / 2731/ 2816/ 2831
Fax:  086 6514772 / 086 525 7705
Email: ctdregistration@unisa.ac.za
Email: ctcetenquiries@unisa.ac.za

Business hours:

Weekdays: 08:00 to 15:30
Saturdays:  08:00 to 11:30 (Some Saturdays, only in January and February, contact enquiries)

Study material:

Study material will either be posted, couriered or can be collected on site.

If you paid your fees at any other Unisa office, please attach your receipt to the registration form and post it to one of the addresses below or fax it to 086 6514772/086 525 7705.

The Centre for Continuing Education and Training
College of Education
Building 10, Sunnyside Campus
Cnr Justice Mahomed & Steve Biko Street
Basement Office


College of Education
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Tel: 012 481 2731/2831/2816/2831
Fax to email: 086 651 4772
E-mail: ctdregistration@unisa.ac.za

Registrations Study material Assignments
Tel: 012 481 2813/ 2731/2816
Fax to email: 086 651 4772
E-mail: ctdregistration@unisa.ac.za
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E-mail: ctcetstudymaterial@unisa.ac.za
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Examinations Student finances Certificate
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Tel: 012 481 2731/2816
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E-mail: ctcetceremonies@unisa.ac.za

No online application process and online registration for 2016

For more information, go to ctdregistration@unisa.ac.za
Centre for Continuing Educaton and Training
Sunnyside Campus Building 10 (Baesement)
Cnr Justice Mahomed & Steve Biko street
Sunnyside Campus

Centre for Continuing Education and Training
Sunnyside Campus Building 10 (Baesement)
College of Education
University of South Africa
PO Box 392