Courses Offered At Mancosa

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List of Courses / programmes Offered At Mancosa

The purpose of both the general and the professional Bachelor’s Degree is to provide a well-rounded, broad education that equips graduates with the knowledge base, theory and methodology of disciplines and fields of study, and to enable them to demonstrate initiative and responsibility in an academic or professional context.

Bachelor of Commerce in Project Management
A BCom Project Management qualification succeeds in developing learners to be able to function in a wide range of financial and accounting tasks and to be able to function and add value in private and public sectors.

Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting
Developing learners to be able to function in a wide range of financial and accounting tasks and to be able to function and add value in private and public sectors.

Bachelor of Commerce in International Business
Gain critical knowledge in commerce, enhanced by an in-depth understanding of the business and commercial practices relevant to multinational organisations with a Bachelor of Commerce International Business.

Bachelor of Education in Senior & FET Phase
The Bachelors in Education provides teaching and learning tenets with an emphasis on teaching prospective teachers about methods and techniques which will equip them to teach in primary and secondary schools.

Bachelor of Business Administration
Obtain an understanding of the business and management environments by developing your intellectual ability, executive personality, and managerial skills with a MANCOSA Business Administration course that blends business and general education.

Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship
The BCom in Entrepreneurship provides knowledge, skills and acumen to those aspiring to start their own business or those wishing to contribute to successful entrepreneurial ventures.

Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Management
Develop financial and managerial skills with an accredited financial management degree. This will equip students to meet the demand for specialists and leaders in the financial sector.

Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management
The MANCOSA Human Resource Management degree prepares HR professionals to deal with the complexities and challenges of managing today’s workforce.

Bachelor of Commerce in Information and Technology Management
Become a Bachelor of Commerce in Information Technology graduate. An accredited IT Management Degree will enable you to offer and manage business solutions through information supported technology.

Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management
The MANCOSA Marketing Management degree emphasises the techniques and methods of managing and planning for marketing.

Bachelor of Commerce in Retail Management
Learn skills and knowledge relating to the functions and management of a retail business and the key issues associated with understanding retail trading and environments with a retail management degree.

Bachelor of Commerce in Supply Chain Management
The Supply Chain Management Degree is designed to give candidates specialist knowledge within the growing field of supply chain management.

Bachelor of Public Administration
The Bachelor of Public Administration focuses on the principles and practices of government administration and management in the public sector.

Advanced Certificates
These qualifications have a strong vocational professional or career focus and students and holders of this qualification are normally prepared to enter a specific niche in the labour market.

Advanced Certificate in Financial Planning
Learn a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge in the area of financial services with a financial planner course online.

Advanced Certificate in Management Studies
Obtain a comprehensive view of contemporary management practices in both the public and private sectors with an ACM programme.

Higher Certificates
These qualifications serve to provide students with the basic introductory knowledge, cognitive and conceptual tools and practical techniques for higher education studies in their chosen field of study.

Higher Certificate in Events Management
Affords students the perfect opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge required to succeed in the demanding and competitive industry of events management. This programme offers students the necessary current and practical theory needed to thrive in the work place.

Higher Certificate in Social Media and Communication
Obtain social media certification with the Higher Certificate in Social Media and Communication aims to develop students’ social media communication skills within the growing, fast-paced industries influenced and impacted by social media and communications.

Higher Certificate in Tax Administration
Gain knowledge of applicable tax administration policy and relevant tax legislation with the certificate in taxation. Be able to apply them in practice and provide assistance to a taxpayer, where necessary.

Higher Certificate in Public Sector Procurement
Choose the Higher Certificate in Public Sector Procurement to build skills in public sector procurement and supply chain management to promote effective service delivery and economic development.

Higher Certificate in Human Resource Management
Provides an ideal platform for school leavers to develop basic human resource administration knowledge, skills and competencies. MANCOSA Human Resource Management courses offer up-to-date information on domestic and international human resource practices.

Higher Certificate in Marketing
Be able to think across different disciplines, as companies are confronted with a continuous process of developing and maintaining a feasible fit between organisations’ objectives, skills and resources and their changing marketing opportunities.

Higher Certification in Project Management
Build a framework for understanding the dynamics of project management and cover all the essential elements and processes with a project management certificate.

Higher Certificate in Public Management
Develop an integrated conceptual understanding, synthesis and application of specific issues in public management with the Higher Certificate in Public Management.

Higher Certificate in Accounting
Develop an integrated conceptual understanding, synthesis and application of accounting principles with an accounting course online.

Higher Certificate in Information Technology
The qualification aims to develop an integrated conceptual understanding, synthesis and application of information technology principles.

Higher Certificate in Supply Chain Management
The Higher Certificate in Supply Chain Management part-time course equips students with a sound fundamental knowledge base and basic skills regarding supply chain management.

Higher Certificate in Local Government and Development Management
The Local Government Management Certificate empowers students with a high level of professional expertise together with a broad range of managerial skills in the local government sector.

Higher Certificate in Business Management

The Doctorate programme will develop high-level research capability in candidates to make a significant and original academic or professional contribution at the frontiers of business, management and related fields.

Doctor of Business Administration
The market-relevant MANCOSA DBA programme is designed for candidates looking to make a significant professional contribution to the business landscape. Learn and thrive in a dynamic global (knowledge) marketplace that is shaped by geopolitical disruptions, big data analytics, e-commerce, mobile technology and much more.

Master’s Degree graduates will be able to reflect critically on theory and its application. They will be able to deal with complex issues both systematically and creatively, design and critically appraise research, make sound judgements using data and information at their disposal and communicate their conclusions clearly to specialist and non-specialist audiences.

Master of Commerce
An intellectually stimulating and rewarding, research-based, postgraduate programme, the Master of Commerce is designed to expand intellectual interests by augmenting research skills and expertise. Develop your ability to reflect critically on theory and its application in practice by accurately framing problems, asking interesting and important questions, and formulating appropriate solutions.

Master of Public Administration
The Master of Public Administration will enable you to gain a wealth of relevant knowledge and skills required for a rapidly developing state in Africa.

Student in an MBA class
Master of Business Administration – MBA
Gain in-depth understanding of the forces shaping business developments in dynamic markets with a Master of Business Administration. Foster the leadership skills necessary to support and grow organisations that are at different stages of growth.

This qualification serves to consolidate and deepen the student’s expertise in a particular discipline and to develop research capacity in the methodology and techniques of that discipline.

Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management Honours
The Marketing Honours degree will afford you in-depth knowledge of marketing management.

Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Human Resource Management
An Honours Degree in Human Resource Management will allow you to gain understanding and working application of the principles essential to the effective management of organisations, with specialisation in the human resource function.

Bachelor of Business Administration Honours
The BBA Honours Degree builds on the foundational knowledge and equips students with the strategic skills and knowledge essential for managing the key areas of organisations

Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Supply Chain Management
Develop your functional and strategic competencies in the field of supply chain management with an SCM Honours Degree.

Bachelor of Public Administration Honours
An Honours in Public Administration will expand your knowledge in the field of public administration with a sound understanding of research methodologies, organisational strategy, structure, systems and organisational culture.

Postgraduate Diplomas
A Postgraduate Diploma is generally multi- or interdisciplinary in nature but may serve to strengthen and deepen the student’s knowledge in a particular discipline or profession

Postgraduate Diploma in Information and Technology Management
Apply appropriate security frameworks, critically appraise the legal process of using technology, interrogate different approaches that can be used for research, assess the modern trends in information systems, critically evaluate the drivers of strategy implementation and solve problems through the use of artificial intelligence.

Postgraduate Diploma in Risk Management
Define the aims and principles of risk management. Engage with different legislation and reporting structures, roles and responsibilities.

Postgraduate Diploma in Family Business Management
Directed at enabling students with cognate undergraduate qualifications to further develop their functional and strategic competencies in the field of family business management.

Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management
Develop an advanced understanding of concepts, approaches and tools relevant to the respective field with a top-quality project management course.

Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Management
Develop communication, interpersonal and financial skills in a way that enables educators to draw from both theory and practice of management.

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management
Learn advanced knowledge, skills and competencies in the key functional areas of management.

Postgraduate Certificates
The Postgraduate certifications allows for the demonstration of foundational knowledge of theories and principles that inform teaching and learning.

PGCE in Further Education and Training Teaching
Become an innovative teacher who will meet the needs of a new generation of students with a Postgraduate Certificate in Education.