Hoërskool Bekker

Hoërskool Bekker



1. Christian Principles
We acknowledge that we depend on God to achieve success and we run the school on Christian Principles.
2. Excellence
Continuous improvement in achievements and standards.
3. Adaptability
Flexible and able to change in reaction to changing circumstances.
4. Fairness
Fairness under all circumstances and unbiased recognition based on merit.
5. Innitiative
Seize opportunities and assume responsibility without hesitation.
6. Integrity
A search for the truth in an honest and credible way and its practical realization.
7. Creativity
Develop new ideas and use innovative concepts.
8. Perseverance
To work hard and to persevere despite difficulties.
9. Obedient Self-discipline
To carry out orders and to follow rules with self-discipline.
10 Loyalty
Willingness to put the interest of Bekker High School first.
11. Respect
Mutual respect between teachers and pupils as well as pupils among each other.
12. Friendliness.
Accept the challenge that life offers with a smile.


We lead the inexperienced youth into becoming mature adults through:
1. Equipping them with academic:
1.1. knowledge and
1.2. skills
2. Optimal development of sport
3. Stimulating them through exposure to cultural activities
4. Live our religious values and principles to the full
5. Acknowledging and respecting diversity
6. Developing leadership
7. Exposure to a unique agricultural study opportunity






We would hereby like to inform all parents that EXEMPTION OF SCHOOL FEES
 forms will be available on 18 January 2016 at Mrs. Friedrich at the financial office.
The closing date for applications with all relevant documentation is 31 March 2016.

The following rules will apply to EXEMPTION OF SCHOOL FEES forms:

1. Both biological parents / legal guardians have to sign for and complete a form at Mrs. Friedrich in the financial office.
2. No family member of child will be allowed to sign for any form – it must be the child’s biological parent or legal guardian.
3. The closing date for the submission EXEMPTION OF SCHOOL FEES 
forms is 31 March 2016.
4. No forms will be accepted after 31 March 2016
5. No forms will be accepted without the necessary documentation.
6. All parents that are out of our feeding area will not be given exemption, apply at your nearest school for EXEMPTION OF SCHOOL FEES


Parents should note that fees are payable in advance at the beginning of the school year. It is a concession to the parents to ease the financial burden that school fees are paid in 9 installments from beginning of January 2016 to end of September 2016.
You have the right to apply for exemption and submit the application with the supporting documentation before 31 March 2016.


By law you must apply annually in writing for exemption. The application for exemption can be collected by the biological parents.
The application for exemption can only be completed by the biological parents or legal guardians.
The form must be properly completed with all information and all documentation requested must be attached and be submitted to Mrs Friedrich at the school’s financial office before any application is processed and can be prepared for approval by the Governing Body.
Your account must be settled within 30 days. School fees are payable in advance. If you do not adhere to this, your account will be handed over for debt collection and we would like to bring it to your attention that you will be responsible for all costs and interest which will be for your account.
“According to Article 39 and 40 of the South African School’s Act both parents are liable for the payment of school fees and the payment of school fees can be enforced by process of law. School fees are according to law classified as statutory debt as published in the Government Gazette number 28864, Part D, 24 (v) “Living expenses, inclusive of, but not limited to: (cc) school fees.”
School fees can be paid by debit order, internet banking or direct deposit at the bank. Debit and Credit Card facilities are available at the financial office for your convenience. If you want to use the debit order please complete a debit order form in the financial office at Mrs Friedrich.
Remember without finances the school cannot give your child the best education. Please pay the school fees!
Bank : ABSA Reference: Name, surname and grade
Bank account name: Hoërskool Bekker Fax proof of payment to: (014) 577-5938
Type of account: Cheque Account E-mail proof to: skool@hsbekker.co.za
Account no.: 310 391 298
Branch code: 632 005

The School Rules

The use of cell phones on school premises will lead to the phone being confiscated TO BE GIVEN BACK AT THE END OF THE TERM ONLY.
1  Cell phones and other electronic communication devices shall at  all times during school hours be switched off. No phone and/or  electronic device may be on “silent” or “vibrate “.
2  Students may only use their cell phones and/or electronic   communication devices before school, after school and then only  outside the school building.
3  No sms’e, what’s-
app, bbm, e-mails or similar protocol may be  used by a learner during formal teaching time, during the changing of classes or breaks. No messages can be        sent or read in this  time.
4  No student may use the cell phone and/or electronic  communication device of another student without that student’s  permission.
5  No student will be allowed to have a cell phone and/or electronic communication device in an examination room in his / her  possession.
6  No phone and/or electronic communication device may be visible 
during formal teaching/during class changes/breaks.
7  If educators need to teach using cell phones and or electronic equipment learners may only use it in that class and under supervision of the educator.
8  In the hostel, learners may use cell phones, but not in the dining hall or study hall.

Any infringement of this rule will be handled by the school disciplinary system.  It will result in the confiscation of the device for six months , sim card included. The device will be stored in the school’s safe. The School Management  will under no circumstances accept liability for the loss of or damage to a device on the school property, regardless the circumstance


1791                             KRUGERSDORP, 1791

JQ 908 ON THE R563


(014) 5775936 / 5775937 / 5770612
Ontvangs / Reception: Mej. Xanelle Duvenage : general@hsbekker.co.za

Finansies / Financial: 014 577 5938
Algemeen / General: 014 577 5939

Hostel after hours (ONLY EMERGENCIES)

Senior Boys / Senior Seuns
Mnr. André van Schalkwyk
079 781 1296 
/ andre@hsbekker.co.za
Junior Boys / Junior Seuns
Mnr. Jaco Smit
071 102 0026 / jsmit@hsbekker.co.za
Senior Girls / Senior Dogters
Mev. Marié Booyse
083 227 1178 / marie@hsbekker.co.za
Junior Girls  /  Junior Dogters
Mev. Marinda du Preez
084 777 7201 / marinda@hsbekker.co.za

Mr Adolf Ellis 
(Hoof): hoof@hsbekker.co.za
Mr Brian Callaghan
 (Adjunkhoof – Landbou en Koshuise / Agriculture and Hostels): adjunkhoof@hsbekker.co.za
Me Annali Venter
 (Adjunkhoof – Akademie / Academic): adjunkhoof.venter@hsbekker.co.za
Mr Jan Oosthuizen 
(Adjunkhoof – Dissipline / Discipline ) jan@hsbekker.co.za
Me Lienkie de Beer
 (Hoof se Sekretaresse / Principal’s Secretary): lienkie@hsbekker.co.za
Me Liezl Pienaar (Bemarking / Marketing): bemarking@hsbekker.co.za

Algemene Navrae General Enquiries:
Me Sonja Wandrag 
(Finansies / Finances – Skool en Dagskoliere / School and Day Scholars): skool@hsbekker.co.za
Me Hannelie Combrink
 (Finansies / Finances – Koshuis en Koshuisleerlinge / Hostel and Hostel Pupils): koshuis@hsbekker.co.za
Me Riekie Burger 
(Finansiële Bestuurder / Financial Manager): rburger@hsbekker.co.za
Mr Ludwig Viljoen (Sport) : sport@hsbekker.co.za