How Long Does It Take To Study Human Resource HR In South Africa?

What is Human Resource?

Human resources are the set of people who make up the workforce of an organization, business sector, industry, or economy.


A narrower concept is human capital, the knowledge, and skills that individuals command. Similar terms include manpower, labor, personnel, associates, or simply: people.

How Long Does It Take To Study Human Resource HR In South Africa?

 It takes four years and eight months to complete.

Schools That Offer Human Resource Courses HR In South Africa

There are many BCom Human Resource Management schools in South Africa. Below is the List Of Human Resource Schools In South Africa;

University of Pretoria

The University of South Africa


Higher Certificate in Human Resource Management At MANCOSA

BTech Human Resource Management CPUT

Diploma in Human Resource Management – Damelin


Higher Certificate in Human Resource Practices At Rosebank College

Wits University

Master of Management in Human Resource Management VUT

Stellenbosch University



Management and Labour Relations Univen

Management DUT

Management & Development Training Intec College

Is HR hard to get into in South Africa?

It’s not impossible to get into HR without having a degree. Before you start applying for management positions, approach your future career from a different perspective.

Different skills will fit some roles better than others.

How much does it cost to study HR in South Africa?

Human resource management

Course in Labour Relations ManagementR1 850R3 700
Course in Managing Training and DevelopmentR1 850R3 700
Program in Human Resource ManagementR1 850R7 400
Advanced Programme in Human Resource ManagementR2 600

Is HR a stressful career?

According to a study by South African Youth, young adults spend more than six hours a day “stressed out”, but 1 in 10 feel they have no one to discuss their concerns with.

And now, a new survey on stress levels across in South Africa has revealed that Human Resources (HR) is the most stressful career.

How To Become Become A HR Manager In South Africa

Below are steps to Become A HR Manager In South Africa

Step 1: Complete Human Resources Education Requirements

 Bachelor’s degree programs in human resources are usually available through a school’s business or management department. Common degrees include a Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources and a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources.

You’ll learn about labor management, compensation, employment law, and employee development. You also might take core classes in accounting, statistics, and information technology. Some potential bachelor’s degrees that would help you meet the human resources requirements include:

Human Resources

Human Resource Management



Step 2: Gain HR Job Experience

Graduates of human resources bachelor’s degree programs generally are prepared for entry-level positions, such as HR assistant or HR specialist. Responsibilities and tasks might include assisting with keeping records of employee benefits, work performance, and compensation. Entry-level human resource workers also might assist in employee orientation, training, and development.

Step 3: Gain Extra Educational Credentials (Optional)

Generally, the human resources degree requirements include a bachelor’s degree. However, some positions may require advanced degrees such as a master’s degree, a doctorate degree, or Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) certification as additional HR education.

Master’s degrees in human resources management typically take 1-2 years, and doctorate degrees take 5-6 years. 

Step 4: Meet HR Manager Requirements & Apply

Once you have the human resource manager qualifications, you can apply for a job. Most manager positions require some experience in the field; usually, up to 5 years of work experience as an HR generalist or assistant is necessary.

You must have excellent leadership, communication, and interpersonal relations skills. You should have a firm grasp of employee and labor laws.