How Much Is An Eye Test At Specsavers In south Africa

What is Eye Test At Specsavers?

The vision test (known as the ‘refraction’) includes the use of a letter chart, with different lenses being placed in front of the eye while the optician uses further techniques to fine-tune the prescription.


The prescription is the power of lens for the right and left eye which will correct the patient’s vision.

How Much Is An Eye Test At Specsavers In south Africa?

Drivers screenings are treated as per a normal eye examination when it comes to your safety and we therefore have to implement additional cleaning methods to ensure a safe environment for all.

Drivers screenings are now available at a cost of R99 at your nearest Spec-Savers store nationwide.

Is it free to do eye test at Specsavers?

A vision screening determines whether you require a comprehensive eye examination. We provide this service for FREE.

How long does it take to get glasses from Specsavers South Africa?

Orders are processed and dispatched within 5 days of being placed and delivery usually takes 2 days depending on your location.