How Much Is Fertilizer In south Africa

What is Fertilizer?

A fertilizer or fertiliser is any material of natural or synthetic origin that is applied to soil or to plant tissues to supply plant nutrients.


Fertilizers may be distinct from liming materials or other non-nutrient soil amendments. Many sources of fertilizer exist, both natural and industrially produced.

How Much Is Fertilizer In south Africa?

From May 2021 to May 2022, domestic fertilizer price for Urea and MAP increased by 7.1% (from R7 358/ton to R7 880/ton) and 22.6% (from R9 583/ton to R11 753/ton), respectively. The price for KCL decreased by 15.4% (from R8 100/ton to R6 856/ton).

How long will fertilizer prices stay high?

Price Hike

The rising input costs, which account for 15% of total cash costs on S.A farms according to the AFBF, are expected to remain high through spring 2022 due to a shortage of fertilizer supply.

What is a good starter fertilizer?

Our Top Picks for Starter Fertilizers:

Scotts Turf Builder Starter Food for New Grass (4.9 / 5 rating) GreenView 2131254 Starter Fertilizer (4.8 / 5 rating) Jonathan Green Green Up Seeding & Sodding Lawn Fertilizer (4.8 / 5 rating) Lesco Professional Starter Fertilizer, 18-24-12 (4.7 / 5 rating)

How Much Is 50Kg Fertilizer In South Africa?

​MAP Plain – Bulk​R6,500.00
​MAP Plain – 50kg Bags​R6,838.00
​MAP Plain – 1000kg Bags​R6,732.00
​MAP Zinc – Bulk​R6,660.08