How Much Is Viano In south Africa

What is Viano?

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How Much Does Viano Cost In South Africa

R 1 799 060.00 (Recommended retail)

How much does a V-class cost?

Price list

V220120R 1,157,673
V250140R 1,240,689
V300174R 1,600,651

How many seater is a Viano?

The Viano FUN offers enough space to carry up to seven people in comfort.

The center row of seating is equipped with two comfortable individual seats.

What is the difference between Viano and Vito?

There is not much difference really.

The Viano is just a more upmarket version of the Vito, more of an MPV than a van if you like.

The Viano will have better quality seats, carpets, etc and probably have more sound deadening in it.

Is Mercedes Viano a good car?

Reliability & safety

The mechanical build quality of the Viano is very high as it shares a platform with Mercedes’ highly dependable commercial van, the Vito. Some of the cabin materials feel much cheaper than the ones found in Mercedes cars, however, although it is most noticeable in lower-spec Trend models.

What engine is in Mercedes Viano?

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The Viano driver can choose from a powerful CDI diesel and two V6 petrol engines, all of which are longitudinally mounted in the front of the vehicle.

The diesel unit has a 2.2-liter displacement and develops 150 hp.

The petrol-driven powerplants, meanwhile, have a 3.2-liter displacement and deliver 190 hp or 218 hp.