How to Become An Auto Electrician South Africa

Auto electricians are expert professionals that work in the automotive industry. Their responsibilities include installing, repairing and maintaining the electrical systems of motorized vehicles.


What Qualifications Do You Need to Become an Auto Electrician?

Electrical installations and repairs are difficult to complete for people who do not have the proper training in the field. To become an auto electrician, one must have certificates that confirm one has finished ones learning period.

Apprenticeships can help candidates get the necessary experience that will later let them surpass an entry-level salary.

The job of an automotive electrician in South Africa is part of the MerSETA (Manufacturing Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority) landscape. To be able to apply for this position, you must:

Be at least 18 years old

Graduate NQF Level 4 with Mathematics and Physical or Engineering Science

Have completed a 1 year apprenticeship

Have a national certificate that shows you have completed the relevant auto electrician courses

Besides these mandatory qualifications, an auto electrician must also prove the following traits:

Be physically fit for heavy work

Have great physical stamina

Have good eyesight and colour vision

Have outstanding troubleshooting skills

Have great hand-eye coordination

Hold basic level knowledge of mathematics

Have a good grasp of electrical technology

Work calmly, carefully and with extreme precision

What is an Auto Electrician’s Job?

An auto electrician has to ensure the proper functioning of the electrical components of a vehicle.

When inspecting a car, he must check the battery, the starter motor, alternator, fuse box, wiring, and connectors. These are basic elements of most motorised vehicles that even up-and-coming electricians need to know how they work.

Their main duties include:

Installing electrical wiring on vehicles

Diagnosing electrical issues

Troubleshooting elements of the vehicle’s electrical system

Repairing faulty wiring

Servicing electrical automotive parts

Providing customers with accurate information regarding the state of their vehicles’ electrical systems

Below is How to Become An Auto Electrician South Africa

Be at least 18 years old.

Graduate NQF Level 4 with Mathematics and Physical or Engineering Science.

Have completed a 1 year apprenticeship.

Have a national certificate that shows you have completed the relevant auto electrician courses.

How much do auto electricians make in South Africa?

The average salary for an Auto Electrician in SA is R 19 236 gross per month (R 110,90 gross per hour), which is 17% lower than the South Africa’s national average salary. Salary Range: an Auto Electrician can expect an average starting salary of R 4 870. The highest salaries can exceed R 35 710.

Are auto electricians in demand?

The report Future Job Openings for New Entrants by Industry and Occupation forecasts that for Automotive Electricians and Mechanics, 61.1% of job openings between 2017–24 will be due to replacement demand.

Is automotive electrician a good career?

For the work involved, automotive electricians make good money for the work they do. Before tax, the weekly earnings of an automotive electrician sit at about $1,247 per week, according to the Australian Government Job Outlook. As electricians work to improve their skillsets, they may be able to find even better wages.

What skills do you need to be an auto electrician?

Auto electricians typically require the following skills:

Auto electrical and mechanical knowledge.

Knowledge of diagnostics tools for vehicle electrical and electronics.

Ability to read electrical and electronic schematics and circuit diagrams.

Ability to carry out/repair electrical wiring in a range of vehicles.

Do auto electricians get paid well?

Find out what the average Auto Electrician salary is

Entry-level positions start at $70,668 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $146,250 per year.

How can I be a good auto electrician?

Qualities of a good auto electrician

Updated equipment. Should be in touch with the latest gadgets in connection to their jobs.

Communication skills. A good auto electrician should have strong communication skills towards their clients.

Problem solving.

Use the internet.

Put an ad on the local dailies.

Ask for referrals

What does an auto electrician do in the mines?

For construction and mining vehicles, auto electricians also take care of the electronic components behind moving arms, blades, and the like. In short, an auto electrician works with everything in the vehicle that runs using computer-controlled systems and electricity.

What do auto electricians fix?

Automotive electricians install, maintain, identify faults and repair electrical wiring and computer-based equipment in motor vehicles and related equipment, such as caravans, trailers, earthmoving equipment, mining equipment, marine applications and agricultural equipment.