How To Make Money With Till Slips In South Africa

Below is How To Make Money With Till Slips In South Africa

If you can snap a photo of your till slip you can earn big savings by using SnapnSave.

Once your till slip has been uploaded, SnapnSave credits your e-wallet with the cash you are owed. The cash you have received can then be spent at specified stores across South Africa.

The process is easy, rewarding, and discrete.

How does SnapnSave make money?

SNAPnSAVE is a cash-back shopping app that puts money back into your wallet when you buy certain products – irrespective of where you shop.

“This gets people onto the app and using it each week.

This, in turn, will allow us to bring on more brands.

What do you do with till slips?

At the check-out, write a note on the back of the slip for reference of the purchase.

File the till slip, the newest one at the back, in a wallet or monthly envelope.

They will now be in date order and make it a breeze when reconciling your bank statement at the end of the month.

Why is a till slip important?

Financial documents: Till slip

Financial documents help us to organize our finances.

A till slip shows what we have bought as proof of payment.