List of best law schools in South Africa

Studying law takes a lot of hard work and dedication. In South Africa, proficiency in the English language is extremely important as students are required to study a multitude of technical legal books and hundreds of cases in English. The standard requirement before one can practice as a lawyer is completing an LLB degree which takes 4 years. Alternatively, some students choose to first study a BCom or BA which takes 3 years and then study another 2 years to complete their LLB. Universities such as WITS no longer offer a straight LLB but require students to first study a BCom or BA degree and only offer LLB as a postgraduate degree.Advertisement

By studying a BCom prior to an LLB, a prospective lawyer gains valuable information about business and accounting and the general way in which the markets and the economy work. This additional knowledge might prove incredibly beneficial when applying for articles at various law firms and will come in handy in practice.

The Best Universities To Study Law In South Africa

University of Fort Hare Faculty Of Law

University of Johannesburg Faculty Of Law

University of KwaZulu-Natal Faculty Of Law

University of Limpopo Faculty Of Law

University of Zululand Faculty Of Law

Wits University Law School

University Of Pretoria Law school

Monash South Africa Law school

Varsity College Law School

University Of Cape Town Law School

University Of South Africa Law School

University Of  The Western cape Faculty Of Law

Rhodes University Faculty Of Law

Tshwane University Of Technology School Of Law

North-West University Law School

Stellenbosch University Faculty Of Law

Nelson Mandela University Faculty Of Law

University Of the Free States Faculty Of Law

University Of Venda School of law

Lawyers Salary In South Africa

Once you have successfully completed your BCom/BA and/or LLB, you will have to commence the next part of your career as an attorney or advocate.

Attorney Salary
Doing your law articles as a candidate attorney takes 2 years in total at a law firm, or 6 months at the LEAD law school and 1 year at a law firm. Depending on which firm you get accepted into, the starting salaries can range from as low as R5000 per month to as high as R25 000 per month. Through hard work, long and stressful hours, and valuable experience, your salary could reach upwards of R100 000 per month if you make partner or associate at a successful firm, or start your own successful practice.Advertisement

Advocate Salary
Most potential lawyers who choose to do their one year of pupilage do no receive a monthly salary. Once they qualify as advocates they are assigned the title of junior advocate, and it is up to them to market themselves, find clients and build their reputations. Some top advocates in South Africa charge up to R45 000 per day! But it takes many years of experience and a massive reputation to reach that level of success.

How long do you study to become a lawyer in South Africa?

The standard requirement before one can practice as a lawyer is completing an LLB degree which takes 4 years. Alternatively, some students choose to first study a BCom or BA which takes 3 years and then study another 2 years to complete their LLB.

How much do lawyers earn in South Africa?

At the other end of the scale, candidate attorneys can expect to earn between R250,000 and R300,000 a year at top law firms. Below Business Tech looked at the full range of average salaries legal professionals can expect to earn in 2019. The averages represent annual salaries in thousands of rands (R’000).

Can I study LLB part time?

There are no part time LLB courses. … Even LLM courses which aren’t full-time (like the one in Bombay University) are under the scanner. A person can go for a correspondence programme, though.

How much does a lawyer earn in South Africa per month?

The average salary for a Junior Lawyer is R 14 848 per month in South AfricaLawyers who have just graduated from college earn as little as R30, 000 per month while those who have worked in the industry for as long as 3 years earn in excess of R40, 000 per month.