List Of Drama Schools In South Africa

List Of Drama Schools In South Africa

List Of Drama Schools In South Africa: A drama school, stage school or theatre school is an undergraduate and/or graduate school or department at a college or university; or a free-standing institution (such as the Drama section at the Juilliard School); which specializes in the pre-professional training in drama and theatre arts, such as acting, design


  • Rhodes University
  • Oakfields College
  • Actor Training Workshop
  • Waterfront Theatre School
  • AFDA
  • National School of the Arts
  • Helen O’Grady Drama Academy
  • Tshwane University of Technology
  • The Independent Theatre Movement of South Africa
  • Art of Acting Studio
  • First Physical Theater School
  • The Playhouse
  • City Varsity, South Africa

    Durban University of Technology

  • Ntlozelo Js School
  • Hh Majiza Ss School
  • Mahubahuba Primary
  • Nyamande High
  • Vuvu Js School
  • Beng Ba Lona Primary
  • Makhosana Manzini High
  • Mpambani Mzimba S School
  • Woodlands L/hp School
  • Arthur Mfebe Ss School
  • Mbobeleni Js School
  • Dumasi Sp School