Mulbarton Remedial School

Mulbarton Remedial School is a small independent primary school situated in Mulbarton, Johannesburg. The school opened in 2004 at the request of parents who were looking for a school that met their children’s educational needs. Over the years, Mulbarton Remedial School has had a positive impact in our community.


We provide a caring and educationally sound environment through remedial teaching for the child who does not cope in the mainstream classroom. The teachers, parents and child work together as a team. Our approach provides a positive, enabling and encouraging environment where children are taught to believe that they can achieve at school and in the sporting arena. We build into each child to develop self-esteem, independence and resilience through our daily routines and programmes.

The teachers are all highly qualified, with years of experience in remedial teaching who are also dedicated to teaching and supporting each of the children they teach. A team of experienced, enthusiastic teachers’ assistants work alongside the teachers.

There is one class per grade from Grade 1 through to Grade 7. Classes have a maximum of 13 learners so that individual attention can be given to each child. When the need arises, smaller support classes with a maximum of 8 learners are provided for those who have large gaps in their learning. Remediation is an on-going part of our daily teaching, with concessions put in place from Grade 1 where necessary for specific learners.

Courses Offered at Mulbarton Remedial School

We teach the core National Curriculum, adapting the curriculum to meet the specific needs of our learners. All the required subjects are taught in each grade. In addition, the school offers the following to further extend and develop each child’s potential:

  • Computer skills
  • Art, pottery & craft lessons
  • Audi-Blox
  • Chess
  • Athletics
  • Soccer
  • Cross Country
  • Mini-cricket
  • Educational excursions & educational shows at school
  • Eisteddfod for English Poetry & Art
  • Community outreach projects
  • Family Fun Days

Fees Structure Of Mulbarton Remedial School

A non-refundable enrollment fee of R5 000.00 is payable on accepting a place for your child at Mulbarton Remedial school.

This IS NOT part of the school fees.

The school fees are R57 600.00. A discount is given if the full year’s fees are paid in advance by 31 December 2018.

Two monthly payment options are available to parents:

R5 760.00 per month from January to October (10 equal payments)

R4 800.00 per month from January to December (12 equal payments)

Please contact the school concerning the annual discount.

Kindly ensure that you have the following documentation with you when enrolling your child. If some of these documents have already been submitted when visiting, you do not need to send another copy as we will already have these on file. Photocopies of records and assessments can be made at school if necessary.

  • Certified copy of child’s birth certificate
  • Head and shoulders (ID size) photo of your child
  • Transfer card from previous school (not necessary for Gr.1)
  • Most recent report card from current/previous school
  • Psychologist’s report (not older than 1 year)
  • Therapists’ reports if attending/attended therapy
  • Road to Health record of immunization programme
  • Completed and signed Enrollment Form and School Fee Agreement document
  • Enrollment fee/Proof of payment of enrollment fee
  • Proof of employment, residence and copies of parents’ IDs (for both parents)
  • If you are the child’s legal guardian, proof of guardianship must be provided
  • Should you not be a South African citizen, certified copies of your and the child’s work and study permits must be provided

Enrollment at Mulbarton Remedial School will only be confirmed once all relevant documentation (as listed above) has been received by the school and the enrollment fee has been paid. Fees for the first month must be paid prior to your child’s first day at our school.

School Times

Grade 1 to 3:

08h00 – 12h45 Monday to Thursday

Grade 4 to 7:

08h00 – 13h15 Monday to Thursday

Grade 1 to 7:

08h00 – 12h15 Friday