Orion College

Orion College Primary School caters to learners from Grade R to Grade 6 who have mild to moderate barriers to learning and who require remedial assistance with their learning.


There are 3 streams at Orion catering to learners with a wide range of ability:

  • The Remedial Stream – for learners with the ability to access the CAPS curriculum at Grade level, but who benefit from the smaller class environment and skilled staff.
  • The Pre-Vocational Stream- for learners who require a more differentiated curriculum and who may not be working at grade level in all subjects.
  • The Skills Stream – for learners who have greater academic challenges and who learn best through a practical approach to learning and project based work.

All therapies are provided on a needs basis, meaning that each learner will have a slightly different package of support depending on their particular needs.

Offers remedial teaching with assistance in the following Phases in the High School:

Academic Phases: Senior Phase: Grade 7 – 9 & FET Phase: Grade 10 – 12

Vocational Phases: Pre Vocational: Grade 7 to 9 level, Vocational phase Level 2 and 3: National Certificate: Information Technology: End user Computing (NQF level 3), Level 4: National Certificate: Information Technology: Technical Support (NQF level 4)

Skills Phase: Junior Skills: 13 – 15 years, Senior Skills: 16 – 18 years


Criteria for Admission

1.1      Orion College is a Remedial School (not a special needs school) that primarily accommodates learners with barriers to learning.

1.2       Any application for admission received for learners with specialised educational needs will be carefully considered in order to make a recommendation that will be most appropriate according to the learner’s needs.

1.3       The recommendations are based on the profile of the learner encompassing indicators of need, access to curriculum and levels of support required. All the available information about the learner, e.g. school performance, life history, family background and other available and supporting documentation will be carefully integrated and assessed.

1.4       To ensure that a learner will be appropriately placed at Orion College and that we will be able to care for his/her specific needs, we need information regarding his/her level of functioning, areas of difficulty that need to be addressed, medical history etc. Reports from professionals, such as Psychologists, Occupational and Speech Therapists, Neurologists and other Doctors, usually provide valuable information to enable us to determine whether the learner will be able to benefit from the education and therapeutic input that we are able to provide. It also assists in processing the application more speedily. It is essential that ALL the documentation listed in the application process is submitted and completed in full so that it may be determined whether the learner is a candidate for placement at Orion College.

1.5       The school is NOT equipped to address the specific needs of learners in the following categories. The following serves as a guideline and the final decision rests with the Schools multi-disciplinary team together with the Board of Directors.

  • Hard of hearing
  • Visually impaired
  • Cerebral palsy (non-independent, severe at school’s discretion)
  • Severe physical disabilities
  • Severe conduct disorder or learners awaiting trial
  • Mild to severe cognitively impaired
  • Overaged learners who are no longer of compulsory school-going age.
  • Children with syndromes; unspecified syndromes.

1.6        Age norms for grades as stipulated in ISASA must be adhered to (not more than 2 years older than the age norm of the grade) unless placement is for our Vocational or Skills stream.

1.7        A learner must be admitted to a school in the year that the 6th birthday (Grade R) is reached (compulsory attendance).

1.8        Learners in Grades 10 – 12 who do not have the same subject choices as Orion College cannot be accommodated.


Non-South African citizens will only be accommodated at Orion College if the following documents or proof of application for these documents are submitted:

  • Valid study permit (learner)
  • Relevant residency permit (parents) or refugee status documents (refugee status does not qualify applicant for exemption of paying school fees.

Applicants will be given three weeks to produce proof that they have applied for the necessary study permit and residency permits as the application will only be finalised once these documents have been received.

2. Application Process

The following documentation is required and must be submitted fully completed as part of the application before an applicant can be considered for placement.

PARENT / GUARDIAN to complete and provide:
2.1      Reports from professionals together with the completed questionnaire (see Admission procedure).
2.2      Certified copy of unabridged birth certificate
2.3      Certified copy of immunization certificate/clinic card
2.4      Certified copies of both parents’/guardian identity document (Expired passports will not be accepted).
2.5      In the case of single parents, should the other parent not be involved in the child’s life, an affidavit stating the non-involvement of the non-custodial parent.
2.6      In the case of divorced or separated parents, a certified copy of the court order.
2.7      In the case of a caregiver, an affidavit, from at least one of the biological parents, accompanied by copies of the biological parent’s ID documents confirming this arrangement.
2.8      Should the learner/applicant not be a South African citizen, certified copies of the relevant residency and study permit will need to be submitted. These need to be current. Expired documents will not be accepted.
2.9      To view Orion College’s full Admission Policy Procedure please view it on our website.
2.10    Make an administration fee payment of R650 directly to our office or by EFT to:

BRANCH : 001 206
ACCOUNT NUMBER : 021 208 883
EMAIL : accounts@orioncollege.co.za

3. Enrolment Procedure

3.1    Call the Orion College office on 011 795-1776 to schedule an appointment (Monday – Friday).
3.2    Complete the visitor registration – Issued by Reception.
3.3Meeting with the High School / Primary School Principal assisted by a qualified Educational Psychologist, to determine your child’s needs.
NB: All prospective students are required to submit a RECENT Psycho-Educational Report.

  • If a recent report is not available, a full Interdisciplinary Assessment Package can be arranged at the School at a cost of R7 200.00
    (including a written report) payable in cash/EFT on the day of the assessments. Please note that we have been instructed by the Registrar of the HPCSA (Health Professional Council of South Africa) that we are no longer allowed to issue Medical Aid statements in respect of assessments.
  • It may however, be felt not necessary to do a full assessment but the following individual assessments may be done:

Full Psycho-Educational Assessment R 3 900.00
Occupational Therapy Assessment R 1 650.00
Speech Therapy Assessment R 1 650.00
School readiness R 1 650.00

3.4    Complete the enrollment application form (available from Orion College Reception).
Please submit the following documents with the Application form:

  • An application fee of R650-00.
  • Copies of Parents’ ID Documents
  • Copies of your child’s Birth Certificate / ID Document
  • 2 ID Photos of your child.
  • Immunization / Health card
  • Latest school report
  • Psycho-Educational Report; Reports from Occupational/Speech Therapists (if available) (within the last 12-18 months)
  • Reports from Neurologists/Psychiatrists (if available)
  • Any other reports that might help to understand your child better.
  • Non-resident: copy of study permit & temporary residence permit

Please note that a credit check will be done by the Credit Controller with your child’s present school.
IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: No application will be processed unless the above has been completed.

3.5    Interactive visit / Appointment

An Interactive Visit will be arranged for your child to spend for a week (or longer if necessary) visiting the current Grade class.

Interactive Visit:

  • Your child may visit the school in their current uniform.
  • Please pack a healthy lunch for your child, alternatively, you may arrange to make use of the School Tuck Shop.
  • Your child must bring his/her schoolbag and books for teachers to view.
  • Please ensure your child is equipped with basic stationery as he/she will be required to fully participate during the school day.

School times:

Foundation Phase : 07:40 – 13:15 (Monday to Thursday) Homework period included – Friday 13:00

Intermediate Phase: 07:40 – 14:05 (Monday to Thursday)(Homework period included ) Friday 13:00

High School: 07:50 –14:30 (Monday to Thursday) Friday 13:30 (Homework period included ) 

Please bring your child to reception before 7:40 and please arrange to collect your child from reception at the end of the school day.

3.6    Feedback meeting with Principal & Therapists / Physiologist

At the end of the week’s visit, the Principal, Teacher and Therapists will meet and review placement based on the following:

  • Information from the Psycho-Educational Assessment/report and all other reports from Specialists
  • Information based on the Interactive Classroom Visit.
  • An appointment will be scheduled to provide feedback on your child’s assessment findings. If your child has been successful, you will receive a letter of acceptance, Orion contract and relevant documentation:

3.7    The Contract & Financial Obligation:

The contract must be completed in full & returned to the school office within 5 days of issue.

Before your child may attend classes the following payments are required:

  • Non-Refundable Deposit R20 000 plus the first month’s tuition fees.
  • NB: Placement cannot be guaranteed until the deposit is paid and the contract returned.

Payments can be made by EFT, please provide the Bursar with proof of payment.

Once the entire process has been completed, your child may start his / her school career at Orion College.


A meeting will be arranged with the Principal, Therapists & Psychologist to discuss alternative placements as we would like to assist you in making the best possible placement for your child.

Fees Structure of Orion College

Finance and fees

PRE-ADMISSION FEE (Non-Refundable)
An administration fee of R650.00 is payable for registration of a prospective student. Assessments: bookings will only be confirmed when proof of payment has been received. This fee includes the compulsory Credit Risk Assessment (CRA) check.

ENROLMENT FEE (Non-Refundable)
A non-refundable admission fee of R20 000.00 is payable once a student has been offered a placement. Enrolment will only be confirmed upon receipt of the enrolment fee(s), the contract and all requested documentation as indicated on the application form.

View the Academic Fees and policy by downloading the document

Fee Structure and Policy

Click here to download the School Fees Structure