Rose Gold Ring Prices In South Africa

What is Rose Gold Ring?

Rose gold is a blend, or an alloy of pure 24-karat yellow gold, copper, and silver. Pure 24-karat yellow gold is the base for all gold colors and qualities but is too soft to be used in a pure state for jewelry. It needs to be blended, or alloyed with other metals to strengthen it enough to wear.


Rose Gold Ring Prices In South Africa

Rose Gold Rings

  • Gold Rope Ring. R 2,100.00.
  • Simple Band in Rose Gold. R 3,100.00.
  • Three Claw Mini Black Diamond Ring in Rose Gold. R 3,200.00.
  • Wishbone Ring in Rose Gold. R 2,900.00.
  • Full Round Band in Rose Gold. R 2,200.00.
  • The Limpet Ring in Rose Gold. R 2,200.00.
  • Rhythm Ring in Rose Gold. R 2,150.00.

Is rose gold cheap?

When it comes to rose gold, the copper that’s used to create it costs less than other types of alloy metals. That means rose gold can be slightly less expensive than white or yellow gold.

Is rose gold jewelry real gold?

Rose gold is an alloy made from a combination of pure gold and copper. The blend of the two metals changes the color of the final product and its karat. For example, the most common alloy of rose gold is 75 percent pure gold to 25 percent copper, which makes 18k rose gold.

Who can wear rose gold?

Unlike yellow gold, rose gold complements all skin tones. Pale skin tones or those with blue undertones shine with 10-karat or other very pink options. Warmer skin tones look gorgeous with higher-karat rose gold pieces with abundant copper in the alloy.

What can damage gold?

Chlorine is gold’s worst enemy: with repeated exposure, the chlorine will weaken your gold jewelry’s structure and eventually lead to it breaking. Make sure to take your jewelry off before getting in a pool or spa. Cover or remove while cleaning: household cleaners with acids or abrasives will damage your jewelry’s finish.