Ryobi Chainsaw Prices In South Africa

What is Ryobi Chainsaw?

The RYOBI Electric 16″ Chain Saw is a cut above the rest. An alternative to traditional gas-operated chain saws, this electric-powered saw is environmentally friendly and maintenance-free – requiring no gas, oil, filters, or spark plugs.


Ryobi Chainsaw Prices In South Africa

Ryobi – 45cc Petrol Chainsaw – 45cm

  • R 2,605.
  • R 2,779.

Are Ryobi battery chainsaws any good?

The chainsaw works very well on small to medium branches… The chainsaw works very well on small to medium branches and trees. I used it to cut down a 12-inch palm tree, and it did the job perfectly, though cutting the fallen tree into sections took a few recharges of my two batteries.

Who are Ryobi Chainsaws made by?

Who are the Manufacturers of Ryobi Chainsaws? Ryobi chainsaws are made by Hongkong-based Techtronic Industries Company Limited, also known as TTI. This company owns a number of industrial brands which include Milwaukee and Homelite.

What’s the best electric chainsaw on the market?

We chose the Greenworks 40V 16-Inch Brushless Cordless Chainsaw as the overall best electric chainsaw because of its power, runtime, and motor life. This cordless chainsaw was designed with a brushless motor for double the torque of brushed motor options.

What is the mix ratio for a Ryobi chainsaw?

Ryobi SS30 engines do best with mid-grade or premium unleaded gasoline that has a minimum octane rating of 87. Mix 2.6 ounces of high-quality 2-cycle engine oil with 1 gallon of gas in a clean container approved for gasoline before using the mix to fill the engine.