SA Maritime School and Transport College

SA Maritime School was founded in 1986 by Cdr PJK Fitt – a Master Mariner and veteran trainer in the shipping industry. SA Maritime School is the longest operating maritime school in South Africa, with over 30 years of history, with branches in Durban and Cape Town.


The Durban campus is located on the Point – a hub of maritime life in South Africa. The Cape Town campus is in the colourful suburb of Woodstock overlooking the bay.

SA Maritime School takes a personal interest in their learners. Our staff have a passion for young people, always caring, with hands-on training by our expert facilitators. We have certification from all the required regulatory institutions. Our courses equip learners for all aspects of the maritime, shipping, and transport industries. Learners will also experience a variety of diverse activities and practical challenges teaching them teamwork and decision making, equipping them for life. Talk to us today!

Follow SA Maritime Schools learning pathway designed to maximise skills, experience, and opportunity that is perfect for you. We lay the foundation with International Trade, you will progress to Freight Handling, and then Shipping Practice, and finaly, your Diploma! We will help you choose and construct the best options for your anticipated career path!

We believe excellent life and leadership skills are essential for a successful career. This programme is offered to all learners at no extra charge, and includes a range of outings and challenges throughout the year, including MOUNTAIN BIKING, HIKING, SAILING and more, to encourage teamwork, broadening horizons and possibilities!