Satellite Dish Prices In South Africa

What is Satellite Dish?

A satellite dish is a dish-shaped type of parabolic antenna designed to receive or transmit information by radio waves to or from a communication satellite.


The term most commonly means a dish that receives direct-broadcast satellite television from a direct broadcast satellite in geostationary orbit.

Satellite Dish Prices In South Africa?

Ultra HD 80CM Offset Steel Satellite Dish – DSTV Approved


Ultrahd 80CM Offset Steel Satellite Dish – Single Installation Kit


How long will a satellite dish last?

Around 10-15 years

How do I install a satellite dish?

Find the satellite

Connect the receiver to the labeled socket and use the short cable you made to link from the LNB to the other one.

Switch on the receiver, then adjust the dial on the finder until it reaches 5.

Move the dish until you find the strongest signal.

Proceed to the set-up screens on the receiver.

Can satellite dishes fail?

Whilst a satellite dish will be fixed in the correct alignment when installed, if the dish shifts over time or shifts due to an external force such as extreme wind, or a falling branch, this would cause it to stop working.